Thursday, October 15, 2015

Driftwood Bouquet - Beachcomber Style

Creating a Driftwood Vignette for an Entry Table
Another great idea from Tim Neve's Sand Castles - use driftwood branches for a "bouquet" in a large sea-aqua bottle!  If you have a sea fan, that would also be a fun touch. You might have something like this hiding in your basement, or can easy find something similar to Tim Neve's example at your favorite vintage store (even your local T.J. Maxx or World Market)

Don't forget the rule of three to make a decor statement!
Love these rope and netting vases  - by the way!

Lanterns are always a fun accessory - especially for fall entry ways.  Add shells, rope, driftwood; use your imagination to create something really unique!  These copper hurricanes with natural rope handles that will naturally oxidize would be a fabulous addition.

Again, an example of  a beach house look that you can create with little money and just a smidge of imagination with your beachcombed finds!

Thought you all might enjoy my "Driftwood Bouquet"- Not only am I a collector of driftwood pieces, but I tend to gather up sea-washed rope from our beaches.

I find that it has interesting texture, weird shape and great ocean color.  Way too pretty to throw away!  I'd also like to think that I am keeping it away from dangering any sea life too.

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