Wednesday, October 21, 2015

7 Painted Pumpkin Ideas for the Coast

Okay - Tom and I really, really tried to carve a "coastal" pumpkin into something fantastic and artistic so that I would have some kind of awesome photo for you. Needless to say, it was not such a successful endeavor.

I started out with a great idea, just did not pan out - at least not great "blog-worthy" pics. Was definitely a Pinterest FAIL! We did have fun though, and he did let me take his picture....

But I digress.... Here's my annual round-up of seven fun pumpkin ideas for the coast - "non-carved" painted options!

Amazing pumpkin painted art from Kate McRostie!  Discovered on her Facebook page - love love these pretty pumpkins.  We have had several pillows on our site over the years that have her whimsical 
under-the-sea designs.

Here's the Sea Turtle from her Sealife pillow collection!

Adorable beach ball pumpkins by Paint the Gown Red.  Fun beach girl blog too with the instructions on how to create these painted beach pumpkins.  Find the E-Z instructions Here

An anchor embellishment adds just the right nautical cottage touch!  Discovered at Passion for White

Super cute collection of aqua and blues!  Love the sparkles on the "wave" pumpkin - 
For more info - click here to the creators Pinterest Page

Coastal Living Magazine's collection of beachy aqua and blues - you must know that I am always drawn to anything with whales or octopi!  They are produced a cute how-to video - to learn more, here's a convenient link to check out: Beachy Painted Pumpkins

Colorful painted pumpkin patch - I think the bright stripes and patterns would be perfect in a coastal home!  Handmade Charlotte gives complete instructions and stencils so that you could try this too - click here for all of the details!

Crafts by Courtney always has such great ideas!  Here are a few examples that might work for me next year -  (I am giving up carving....)

Hope these few enchanting pumpkin ideas give you a little inspiration! Only a few more weeks until Halloween...

One more - 
Love this rhinestone idea on white pumpkins! Could do coral patterns, octopus legs - anything sea life inspired would work - (not sure of image source - sorry!)

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