Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Design Your Own Custom Beach Art!

Have I told you lately about one of my favorite small companies that we have partnered with?  We've worked with John and his fabulous team at Red Horse Signs for nearly 5 years, and they are absolutely the BEST.   I like that every art piece and custom beach sign is made to order, and so many of the pieces can be custom created for just your home with pretty much anything that you'd like to add to your art!

First they create an original piece of art, designed and hand painted by one of their artists. Then using this "real" art, a master print is created to reproduce prints. That is why each wall art piece or coastal mirror has a fresh and authentic look to it.  Pretty darn creative we think!

Every single sign, mirror or  art piece is printed on real tongue and groove wood slats - that will include all of the tiny imperfections and knots that real wood creates.  NO mdf or fiberboard is allowed. (love that!)

We love them, and every season John rolls out even more fun coastal and beach art for us to share with our customers.

Wanna see our new faves for this spring?

Cannot get enough of Vintage Bathing Suit Art!  These new pieces designed by artist Suzanne Nicoll are out of straight out of a bygone era, and are simply captivating with their patriotic colors and seaside resort themed backgrounds.

Slowly but surely we are continuing to add "Lake Shore" themed signs too - here are a few faves of ours.  They don't have to be "Lake" themed, the words and phrases can be changed to reflect any "beachy-coastal" place of your choosing.

The Water Skiing Sign is also one of our most popular designs!

Can't help it.... I am just a Chris Craft girl at heart. 

Know any surfers?  These fun surf themed signs (art) are so fun!
ah..... Memories of the North Shore 

"Sharkies" So fun and can be totally customized for your "surf shack" beach home! 

And let's not forget to mention mermaids galore!

Pretty blonde mermaid from artist Suzanne Nicoll - Change the words to say whatever you would like to make this sign personal to your home!

We have nearly 150 different designs to choose from, something for everyone!

Come see on our new and improved site - Vintage Beach Signs and Art

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