Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Fall Coastal Picnic

There's still time for a fall picnic with your special someone before the crazy holiday season starts! It's one of our favorite things to do on a lazy weekend day.  Tom and I pack up our picnic basket, with linen napkins, wine glasses and then stop for local cheese and produce on the way to our destination.  Sometimes we never know where we will end up!

Oh - we do bring wine too! Or in this case, we had our picnic on the Concannon Winery picnic grounds and bought a wonderful cold bottle of Chardonnay.  Just the right pairing with our goat cheese and red-ripe tomatoes.  Yum.  (Sea Turtle Glassware)

Such a relaxing way to get caught up after a long hectic week...

Tips for a fall picnic:

1. Stemless Wine Glasses; you never know when you might be sitting on the grass or in the sand dunes...  I love my School of Fish and my new Moby ones!

These Starfish Etched Stemless Wine Tumblers are pretty cool too.

2. Cloth Napkins, or a small tablecloth (not too precious!)  - much better than throwing more things away.  I put mine in the washing machine when I get home, and then repack them in our picnic basket for the next time.  These new red coral linen napkins are super durable and super easy to wash and dry. (Trust me - I have washed mine many times!)

3. Ice Packs for the picnic basket.

4. A great cheese board and spreading knife to keep in your basket. We keep a small paring knife in our basket too.  We love our sea turtle!

5. Make it simple. Grab whatever fruit and veggies are in season, a fresh loaf of baked bread and your favorite cheese.

I am hoping that we are having a picnic somewhere in Paris; in a garden or along the Seine.... keeping my fingers crossed that it's not raining!

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