Thursday, March 7, 2013

Drake's Bay Oyster Farm

Saturday's Point Reyes adventure continued....

After a fabulous lunch at the famous Station House Cafe in Point Reyes, we hopped back into the mini-cooper and headed out for Tom's oysters at the Drake's Bay Oyster Farm.  By the way, I highly recommend trying this landmark cafe out if you ever get a chance - our lunch was wonderful.  Full of all fresh local ingredients, including creamy Farmstead Pt. Reyes Blue Cheese - YUM!

Drake's Bay Oyster Farm has been in the news for the past several months here in California - I am not really sure about all of the details, but let's just say that the this farm that provides 40% of California's oysters was, and still is,  in dire jeopardy of closing.  The courts are still reviewing all of the paperwork and we shall see what happens.

Oyster Bar at Farallon
Because Tom absolutely fell in love with the taste of Drake's Bay oysters after having them at Farallon in downtown San Francisco, (our favorite restaurant) we've been wanting to drive out and have some fresh right out of the ocean.  He was not disappointed.

To get there, it's fairly simple; drive around the western tip of Tomales Bay after turning off of Hwy 1 onto Sir Francis Drake Blvd, follow the signs to Point Reyes Lighthouse through Inverness.  About half-way out to the Lighthouse you will find Drake's Bay Oyster Farm on the left hand side of the road.  Gorgeous views of a boggy estuary full of egrets, pelicans and of course a sea gull or two.   Ideal for oysters.

It was a little worries!

And we're here! At times, the line was 10-12 deep in customers.  Many people bring their lunch (minus the oysters) with them and take advantage of the picnic area next to the bay. Next time, we may have to do the same.

See - Fresh right out of the bay!

There are piles of oyster shells waiting to be turned into something else - they will even let you take them home if you find something interesting in the discard pile.

Oysters, plus a t-shirt for Tom!
(He is such a good sport)

Needless to say, two happy campers. I got my much-needed beach break, and fresh Pacific Ocean air, Tom got to enjoy his Drake's Bay Oysters and some Mumm champagne when we arrived back home. Only champagne for me...

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jmac said...

oooooooooooooooo.....and see? I could eat that plate of oysters and 10 more!! Being from the south, I'm used to and love our fat, juicy gulf oysters but the first time I had those teeny, salty oysters from San Francisco area??? Oh My!!! Oystergasm!!!!

Le said...

what a wonderful trip away - short break are a delight - Best Le

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