Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Cayucos Sunset

Last Saturday night after we had been at the Cayucos Sea Glass Festival,   Tom poured each of us a glass of delish California Cabernet for our walk on the beach.  We walked right out of our hotel room and right down to the sand.  Cayucos has a beautiful walking beach with tide pool rocks and tiny stones worn smooth by the pounding waves.

We strolled, picking up rocks (no sea glass!) and talking to many other beach combers, watching sand pipers scurry in the surf - all of us waiting for the sun to set into the Pacific.

Hope you enjoy our view!

Love this last shot of the sun light hitting the top of the waves.... Honestly, I think I have found my next beach town.  Now I only have to convince Tom that we need to move.

(P.S.  The photography is all mine, and not retouched or altered in any way)

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