Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pretty Coastal Entry Way Idea from Meg Braff!

Spotted this pretty beachy foyer from designer, Meg Braff on one of her Pinterest Boards.  Love it!

Simply classic blue and white coastal design with polished chrome (or maybe stainless steel?) hooks to hang beach bags, swimsuits and wind breakers.   Am crazy about that picture rail!  What a great way to welcome friends and family to the beach...

And don't forget about the "Vacation-Location" pillows!

Or even Cape Cod!


prince snow farm said...

It is so classic...I adore it!

Anonymous said...

No matter when I think about going to the beach, I have to think of all the funky little shops and antique stores, not to mention kitschy stores that sell new items, and genuine coastal attitude. Whether I am staying at a hotel in the Chesapeake or North Myrtle Beach hotels, shopping for the rare find is going to be part of my day!

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