Saturday, September 15, 2012

Paella - Peruvian Style!

I invited Tom on a Friday night date last night.  I even wore a dress for the occasion!  What do you think of the view from our ocean side table?  

Seriously, we have to pinch ourselves every time we realize how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place!   

We had dinner in Montara, a tiny coastal town north of Half Moon Bay, and south of San Francisco on Hwy 1.  

Cannot begin to rave enough about our newly discovered restaurant beside the sea - La Costera!  Truly, their dining room and lower deck bar,  are all about the view of the Pacific Ocean. Just driving by, you would have no idea of what is waiting inside. Wide open floor to ceiling windows to the sea, and tastefully decorated in a coastal-seaside style, La Costera proudly claims their specialty in freshly prepared contemporary Peruvian cuisine.  

Oh mi... we sampled three different tapas on their Happy Hour menu, and promptly gobbled up every single delish bite.  The presentation was gorgeous, and every thing was fresh and full of interesting flavor combinations.  Peruvian cuisine may be my new fave!

Moving on to our dinner choice, Tom and I followed our dining out "rule". We always try something that we can't (or won't) make at home.  Last night, we decided to be brave and try this Paella.  The only reason I am saying "brave" is because neither one of us had ever tried anything cooked with calamari (squid) ink. 

Pella Negra 
Saffron rice, Peruvian style seafood paella, with calamari, seasonal fish, shrimp, mussels & clams cooked in calamari ink & salsa blanca

Filled with tender prawns, steamer clams, fresh mussels, beautifully prepared monk fish and calamari.  I can assure you that we were not disappointed.  

We somehow managed to save room for chocolate lava cake for dessert! 

P.S.  Their wine list is Fantastic. Not only some affordable local (California) selections, but also some wonderful different choices from South America and Spain. 

Have a great Saturday everyone!


prince snow farm said...

I had to pinch myself and I live on the opposite coast! How lovely. Hope to make it to the left coast sometime soon :)

Everything Coastal said...

Nantucket Daffodil - I hope so too!

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