Friday, September 14, 2012

The Art of Glass Blowing in Half Moon Bay

Well, for me it turned out to be my very own Half Moon Bay pumpkin paperweight, but I digress....

From Ocean Home Magazine - August/September Issue
Last month when I got my advance copy of the latest Ocean Home Magazine, I opened it up to discover a wonderful article about travels and things to do in Half Moon Bay.  As you all know, I spend A LOT of time over there wandering the beaches, picking up sea glass and dining at some of my favorite beach haunts; Half Moon Bay Brewery, Moss Bay Distillery and The Ritz Carlton to name a few.

We were so excited to see Tom's friend Doug Brown, owner of Half Moon Bay Art Glass,  profiled in the article too!  Doug's specialty is his famous, hand blown colorful Half Moon Bay glass pumpkins.   Every single one of these incredibly beautiful pumpkins is uniquely different - cannot imagine how many of these amazing creations he's made.

We jumped in the new Mini Cooper (have I told you about our Mini yet??) to take a copy of the magazine over to Doug at his glass art studio.  He was so happy to get a copy that he invited me back to learn how to blow glass the following week.   Just gotta say; the man is brave and a courageous teacher! "Hot" doesn't even begin to describe molten glass in Doug's kilns - yikes.

Here's Doug hard at work!  I just tried to stay out of the way as he is amazing to watch. 

Finishing touches before being placed in the kiln to be fired overnight.

Whew!  Somehow I managed to spend an hour in Doug's studio without burning myself - 
and look how my "pumpkin" turned out!  I was a little afraid of the glass blowing part, and truly handling the glass is much harder than it looks, but I am pretty proud of my little pumpkin paperweight.

You too, can learn how to do create these. If you are planning a trip to our stretch of the California Coast, or if you are a Bay Area local,  Doug teaches regular classes in his Half Moon Bay Art Glass Studio, for all ages and all experience levels,.  Not just for pumpkins alone, but he's taught classes in creating glass hearts or sea creatures.  It is extremely affordable and fun at only $40.00, and about a half-hour's time.  Plus, you actually get to keep your very own creation!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Half Moon Bay Art Glass Studio: 650-283-5626


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I would love to do this!!

Completely Coastal said...

Me too, would love to try this!!

Natasha said...

We are actually headed to HMB on Sunday I might have to look into this class. I think it is something my husband and I would enjoy.

We are going to check out Moss Bay distillery we have yet to go there yet.

Everything Coastal said...

Natasha -
Doug is usually in his studio on Sundays, just pull around the back of Nebbia Winery and you will find him. Moss Bay has the best place to sit and have a glass of wine in the late afternoon, but especially for sunset watching..


Kathysue said...

Caron, I was just in Half Boon bay a couple of weekends ago, buying some flowers and visiting the ocean. I will be sure and check this out next time I am there. I was admiring some of the glass blow pumpkins while visiting a few of the shops. Thanks for the heads up!.

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