Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring on the California Coast

We are so lucky!  Flowers start blooming here in Northern California early in February and I usually have my camera in my pocket.  

Sending you all a bouquet - Happy Spring!


prince snow farm said...

The flowers are so very different from the flowers starting to sprout unusually rely here in Massachusetts.

Gberger said...

Beautiful! I like the way you choose to spend your time. Thanks for bringing the Calif. coast to us!
I saw your Seabrook link on fb. May I make a request? Do you have more info on Northern Calif coastal communities? That would be a wonderful article/blog posting!

Everything Coastal said...

Karen -
That's a great idea! I have tons of info, but now that it is getting to be spring Tom and I will be out exploring more. To be fair to him, I have been trying not to post any of our little side trips! LOL!

Everything Coastal said...

Nantucket Daffodil -
I am assuming that you see a lot of daffodils, but what other kinds of wild flowers to you have? It's so funny, because when I lived in Washington the wild flowers are TOTALLY different that what we have here. Tom bought be a book for Christmas so now I can actually identify some of the flowers that we see on the coast.

Barb said...

Thanks for the touch of spring! the pictures are lovely! As I'm sure you know, spring has not been too apparent here in Poulsbo! Just a few hardy daffodils in my yard.

Arabella said...

You captured some wonderful shots, Caron - you really make me homesick. Thanks for the beauty on this rainy morning.

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