Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snow at the Beach and a Cup of Hot Chocolate!

My mom sent me these photos taken from her beach house by my brother,  just this past week when the Puget Sound and the Kitsap Peninsula were once again the coated white with a late winter snowfall.

Blake Island in the background - look how the water is just like glass!

Looking Southwest towards my old house in Manchester with Bainbridge Island off in the distance.  Cannot deny that these are beautiful shots,  even though I am cold just looking at them!  

Maybe a cup of gourmet hot chocolate is in order?
Here's an interesting recipe that I need to try next time we're home with my mom and dad.... Found at Best  (the blog post is full of great ideas!)

Raspberry Truffle:
A couple of chunks of dark chocolate on the bottom of the mug, hot chocolate or white hot chocolate, raspberry syrup, whipped cream, raspberry drizzle, chocolate sprinkles.  For the raspberry drizzle either puree fresh raspberries or mix a little raspberry jam with warm water until smooth.  (sounds VERY doable!)

Now to wander over to Etsy - Look at these fun mugs I found for hot chocolate!  (dang, etsy is dangerous!)

Wild Card Pottery - Blue Ring Octopus Mugs

Beyond Jordan Studio - Totally darling!  Sea urchin tea pot and matching seahorse mugs (I want these!)

The Red Mill - so gorgeous with aqua inside and a delicate sea shell on the outside.  Pretty pretty pretty!  

Wishing you all a terrific Thursday -  hopefully you are inside and staying warm! 

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