Monday, September 12, 2011

A Sea Glass Winner!

Thank you to everyone that entered our "Sea Glass Hunter's Handbook" giveaway.  We had so many wonderful stories on the blog, and on our Facebook page - I wish that I could send everyone one of these fun little books!

Vicki is our Winner!  If you haven't had a chance to read her blog - make sure to stop by "2 Bags Full....",  Adventures  in travel, knitting, and blessings in every day life!  

I love sea glass- am totally obsessed with finding sea glass treasures. My favorite find- a secluded little beach in Bermuda- totally covered with sea glass! I'd love to win this book!"

I borrowed Vicki's photo (to the left)  from her blog post that she wrote about her travels to an incredible sea glass beach in Bermuda.  "Washed by the Sea"   Her story is a must read for sea glass hunters and fans!  You will be simply amazed at the sea glass covering the beach, and you might be more than a little envious.   I know that I am...

The "Sea Glass Hunter's Handbook" can be ordered for 20% off at Liberty Bay Books if you don't already have your copy. Ships within a few days right to your house.  

Thanks again!!! 


Vicki Boster said...

Hi Caron - I'm SO excited to be the winner of the BEAUTIFUL book! (I think it needs to live at my beachfront condo!) Thank you so much - this is a huge thrill for me to win such a wonderful gift! I just posted about this great win on my "2 Bags Full" Facebook page. I can hardly wait to see the beautiful pages~~
Happy, Happy ME!


ADMIN said...

Thanks for sharing this post Caron. Hands-on 3rd in Los Angeles, California is also doing recycled glass art and they've got some very nice pieces too. Just recently they held an event with GreenopolisTV. Check out this video, it's related to your post.

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