Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Island

This is kind of a funny story. I met Gerri Hyman, the artist behind "My Island",  on Twitter about a year ago, and was completely intrigued with her original designs, but wasn't sure exactly how we could incorporate her art into our product mix.  I actually kind of forgot about them,  unless I saw her occasionally pop up in my Twitter stream.

And then....we stumbled upon her fabulous designs at The World Market Show in Las Vegas.  Tom and I were strolling the aisles, actually getting a little discouraged about the selection of interesting coastal home  products.  At the end of one of the aisles, we could see COLOR.  

Lots of bright deep colors, mermaids, tropical images and whimsical sea creatures... wow!

Gerri was in her booth with her mom - their whole family had come to the Vegas show. Good excuse for a vacation, just too bad that they had numerous plane debacles and it was 104 degrees! 

 As soon as I started looking through all of her art, I recognized her colorful creations. And also immediately realized that Gerri was one of my Twitter connections.  How fun to actually meet a Twitter friend in person!!!  

She is such an incredible artist, with a real talent for capturing whimsical coastal ideas and turning them into something special for beach lovers.  Not to mention, she is an absolutely lovely person. 

I knew in an instant that her fun original art designs would work perfectly for our beach house customers.

I think you will absolutely fall in love with "My Island" and the bright, fun colors and whimsical designs all inspired by Gerri's summers spent on the North and South Carolina Coasts! 

In Gerri's words "My creations are not meant to be too realistic in color and shape; but are representative of the sea life, fowl and foliage on my imaginary island... better known as My Island"   

I think living on Gerri's Island would be the perfect place for me.  Well,  I might invite Tom along, after all he did carry all of the luggage ( including the 100 pounds of catalogs that we brought home!) on our trip to Vegas.


Kaybe said...

I think she has captured the essence of each creature. Some artists say more with color than with detail. How cool you had a serendipitous meeting!

Everything Coastal said...

Thanks Kaybe! Left you a comment on your Siesta Key post, I LOVE that stretch of the Gulf Coast of Florida...

Outdoor tiki bars said...

Lovely art!!! Something I'd put in my bar area...something for me to think about!! Thanks for sharing!!! :D

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