Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Beach Reads - Part 2

Got some great responses yesterday from readers and from Facebook friends!  Thanks for the input- here's a few of their suggestions:

MaryThe Family Man by Elinor Lipman - fun read!

From Lee: "get ready, I have got some good summer books for you!
I love Florida, and we discovered these great authors who write about Florida. They are hilarious reads
Tim Dorsey-He writes about Serge Storms and his buddy, Coleman.
Robert Tacoma- also funny, and good reads, he writes more about the Keys
Bob Morris-He writes about the Caribbean, also very good
Carl Hiassen- another Florida author, funny and suspenseful
I recently read a book by Claire Cook- Life's a Beach. Light reading, a beach book, but she is a sea glass jewelry artist, so I enjoyed it.
Try these authors, you won't be sorry!"

Have to be honest with all of you - I LOVE Carl Hiassen!  I think I have read every single one of his books.  Great bad guys - stooopid bad guys, hilarious characters.  So far from the norm, that they are actually believable!  All take place in Florida - good and bad Florida; swamps, Miami Beach, the Keys... 

If you are an Elmore Leonard fan, Carl Hiassen's books will remind you a little of the style of  "Get Shorty" and Chili Palmer.  If you have not ever read any Elmore Leonard, you should try one of these too.  I started reading Elmore Leonard when I lived in Hawaii and spent many many happy hours laying in the white sand at Bellows Beach. 

Then there is my favorite Jimmy Buffet book - "A Salty Piece of Land". Kicking myself for lending this to a friend a few years ago, the worst part is, I don't know who I lent it to!  Crazy characters, living crazy dreams - and it all works out.  

For some Laugh Out Loud stories - try the Stephanie Plum series! Starts with "One for the Money" and goes all the way up to the latest book "Sizzling Sixteen".  I just finished "Fearless Fourteen",  Stephanie Plum is a really really bad bounty hunter, is always broke, and usually wrecks a car or two in each book, quick funny books - perfect for an afternoon by the pool!

Was introduced to Mary Kay Andrews a few summers ago - love her books! All take place in Georgia, on the coast and in Savannah - guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

I started with Savannah Breeze and then moved on to Deep Dish, and then the Fixer Upper.  All fun - great reads with wonderful characters. 

Well, there's a few more for your beach bag! 

More tomorrow!


Duane Scott said...

None of these are my style of books, but I'll mention that firs one to my sis. It does look funny!

Pam (Corey) Beltz said...

Beach Music . . . easily my favortie Pat Conroy book. I made my kids listen to me read sections of it out loud just so I had an excuse to form the words. It's Conroy, so it's not all fun & games, but it is good!

Timberwolf123 said...

Thanks Caron for more fun ideas. I love to get book suggestions even if they may not be what I read. I appreciate your 2 columns with the ideas.

Have a great day,



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