Friday, May 14, 2010

In Search of a Secret Sea Glass Beach....

We have been searching for nearly a year for this secret sea glass beach. Narrowing it down to a rumor about a  specialty art glass factory near Davenport , we finally stopped on Sunday and we simply asked at the Davenport Gallery -  someone actually showed us where the trail down to the beach was!  (btw, great gallery)  

Grabbed our picnic lunch, and headed down the steep trail, across the train tracks and then down to the sandy beach. Tom and I were so excited, we might actually find some awesome chunks of  colorful sea glass! 

Well, it was not exactly that easy.  Got down to the beach and there were serious, very serious sea glass hunters on the beach. With shovels and wet suits!  The beach is totally sandy, no shells, no rocks and no sea glass - unless you have a shovel and are willing to dig down a foot or so.. Oh mi - was not prepared to dig for gold!

Not a great day for beachcoming, so decided to simply walk on the beach, play in the tidepools, enjoy the sun,  sit in the sand and eat our ham and cheese sandwiches, gooey brownies, and share a diet coke. Not such a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon in May...(Especially with my cute boyfriend!)

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Privet and Holly said...

FUN Day, even without the glass! It is always such a treat to eat on the beach {and you are always hungrier there, for some reason}! This is a really cute little picnic set..... xx P&H

Arabella said...

Sounds like you still have a fun outing - and that's what it's all about.

Have a beachy weekend!

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good beach to go to after a good winter storm.

Erin | Bygone Living said...

Love those picnic baskets!!!

sealaura said...

hi Caron! that sounds like a fabulous day. My bf and I are headed to Santa Monice this weekend. I am so excited, not a good beachcombing beach but I love it. Have a great weekend.

Rose West said...

Finding secret beaches is one of my favorite pastimes :) We have a Glass Beach here too... it's right by the garbage dump :/

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