Sunday, April 4, 2010

More Adventures on Hwy 1 - Central Coast of California part 1

Well... let me start off by saying, we got sort of lost. Our goal was Stinson Beach, and we "sort of"  knew the way from Mill Valley. If you have ever been this way over to Stinson Beach, you will have to agree that it is not well marked at all.  Driving up windy, twisting, skinny residential streets, you just hope that you're going the right way.   We even used the GPS  in Tom's car, and boy did we go the wrong way! Sometimes getting lost can be the best thing though...

All the way up Mt. Tam, we kept saying to each other "wow, I don't remember this" and "do you remember this view", "maybe it was foggy the last time we came this way?"  We kept passing signs on steel gates "park road closes at sunset" - sure didn't seem like we had gone this way before??

Look what our view was from the top! By the way, it looks a lot warmer than it was.  The wind was blowing incredibly cold and just about blew us over...

So glad that we did go off the beaten track, we would have missed this opportunity to see the city from one side, and the expanse of the Pacific Ocean on the other side... all the way down past Pacifica.

In the span of 5 minutes, I am once again reminded of how small we are and how incredible the world really is.


Lunaray said...

I love this part of Califrnia, especially North of here. Take Hwy 1 all the way to Westport (just North of Fort Bragg), then get off the beaten path and take the County road all the way to Ferndale. It is a beautiful drive, and soetimes called California's lost coast.


Ray Wyatt said...

You'll also go through a couple of movie towns, Bodega Bay (Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds") and Mendocino ("Summer of '42")

I envy you, I so wish I was there! :)


Gberger said...

What a gift - thank you for sharing it with us! I love S.F. My grandmother was born and raised there, and if I didn't live here, that's my next-favorite city on the coast. SO great to see the view from the top of Mt. Tam!
Glad that you embraced the experience. You weren't lost at all. =)

Everything Coastal said...

LunaRay - I have taken that drive! You are so right, it is beautiful and we met some of the nicest people ever. The only thing that we missed was Glass Beach in Fort Bragg - it's on my list for this spring!

Ray - My birthday is in less than 2 weeks, and our plan is to drive up, have lunch in Tomales Bay, and then up to Bodega. We did that drive in July and it was fabulous

Everything Coastal said...

Karen -
you are right, we weren't really lost! Love those days of discovering something new and a new perspective.

PS We love guests - can come visit anytime!

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