Monday, April 12, 2010

Beach Cottage Shopping - Join me at the Alameda Flea Market!

Step One - Convince the boyfriend that getting up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday to go flea market shopping is fun...(he must really like me)

Step Two - Layer on the clothes. Jeans, t-shirt, sweater, coat, scarf. Although we live in California it is not warm on this Easter Sunday. We are going to Alameda Naval Air Station in the middle of San Francisco Bay, and the wind is fierce!!! 

Step Three - program the GPS on the iphone and in the car.  No fun if we get lost!

I am so excited - have been planning this for the past few months, and have never been able to go.  The Alameda Flea Market is held only on the first Sunday of the month - rain or shine. 

A few things to note about this market: 

#1 Everything sold at the show must be at least twenty years old and there are no reproductions allowed. (great rule!)

#2 Largest antique and collectible show in Northern California

#3 over 800 vendors to see! 

Lots of painted furniture, shells, coral, shabby chic treasures, original art - a veritable feast of inspiration! Let me take you on a tour!  

Beach cottage painted furniture - love the yellows, greens, but especially the simple fun pieces she had to offer. Can you see the bright pink desk in the background?  Wouldn't that be a great piece for a girl's room? 

A little coastal, a little French Country.. abalone shells, shabby chic framed sailboat picture, 
hand made linen pillow. 
Love this whole vignette!

Blue Starfish in metal coffee pots. Dang - I think I gave away a really neat 
blue old campfire coffee pot like this.  What was I thinking?   
Can think of a lot of crazy storage ideas for those old tin bins...

Pretty. Want one. I am sure that I NEED one of these chandeliers.

Kicking myself for not buying this crazy, rusty, metal fish.  I am going to blame it on the cold weather.... my hands were absolutely freezing!! Had to buy coffee just for a hand warmer.

Hope you can see all of these antique - vintage style bottle with real seashells soldered on top.  Love these - also kicking myself for not buying.  I will definitely stock up on these next time I go in May.  
They will go on the Caron's Beach House website for sure.

This was the best one! Purplish large sea fan on top of an vintage vase. 

Beautiful pieces of white coral... this one was only $65.00.  At the widest part was about 12". 

More coral, sea biscuits, and more coral.  All displayed on top of an old desk with a deep green felt top.

Creamy white buffet ($560.00) and even more coral!  I went back to this booth at least three times. No, I didn't buy anything.  It is hard for me to buy these big chunks of real cora. Beautiful, but the thought of someone cutting 
them off of a reef is hard to swallow. 

Wish I had a good spot for a tiki bar in my apartment - wouldn't this just be a hoot at parties??  
Could see my pretty martini glasses on top!

So many coastal framed art pieces! This is just one example that I liked.

Beautiful, round white painted table.  This should now be in my apartment - I was really, really, extremely dumb for not buying table.  

This buffet should also be in my apartment - what was I thinking??  Beach Cottage perfect. I could display some of my shells, my cottage china... I took the artist's card home, maybe I had better call her?

More painted furniture in my favorite colors!  I really miss having my "brick and mortar"  store sometimes....

Not sure what this  huge ball of vines is made of, but they were really interesting!  Looked almost like twisted, dried up sea kelp.   Check out the  creamy yellowed cottage cupboard underneath...

Hand painted, tea-stainted vintage, French Country booth.  They had lovely lovely things - I wanted everything in the space!  

Lots of pretty garden art... too bad I don't have a garden anymore.  There's something so beautifully tranquil about having angels in the garden to watch over us.....

Hope you enjoyed! I had such a great time, and now I have a plan of attack for the next time I go. This time with a girlfriend, (Yay - Melissa will be here!)  a cart, coffee in a thermos, and lots of cash....

Helpful link: Alameda Flea Market Details

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sealaura said...

looks like sheer heaven. i love all those shells and now I suddenly need a chandelier! that sea fan is amazing!

Erin | Bygone Living said...

Oh... wow! I would have a total ball in that place!!

Jojo said...

Thanks for taking us along! We went digging at a market this weekend and I got a bag of goodies for only $20!!!!! I haven't posted about it yet but will probably do so next week. I still can't believe my finds - a grab bag giveaway.

The furniture pieces you featured are terrific.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Wowza....that looks GREAT! And that huge ball...was it antlers by any chance!

Everything Coastal said...

Linda - at first glance I thought that this ball might be antlers, but it's not. Truly just some kind of vines wrapped and dried all together.

Jojo - can't wait to see your blog and pics!

sealaura - so glad you enjoyed! I was so lucky to live in Seattle before moving here and we had a great market to go to every Sunday. Missing that inspiration here in CA a little...

Erin - Thanks! Come out the West Coast, and come with me next time! said...

Oh my, I am so blown away, I just cant believe how lucky you are to have access to all these beautiful markets. Nothing like it here. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage.

Maya said...

That market seems to have so many beachy things! I featured Teresa's visit of La Dolfina on Daily Vitamin Sea..., I might just have to add yours too!

Simple Daisy said...

Ooh....looks like a super fabulous place:)

Anonymous said...

Want the vine ball! Neeeeed the vine ball!
I live in San Rafael and had never heard of the Alameda Flea Market til Colleen fro Saffron & Genevieve told me about it. I have obviously been under a rock for the past few years....

Everything Coastal said...

Tricia -
Have you been to the market yet? We went again last weekend (haven't posted the story yet!) and it was sooooo crowded - from now on we will be going super early in the morning, just so that we can get back off of Alameda.

Glad you liked the post!

Susan Graham said...

Thanks for sharing this useful information with all of us.Keep sharing more in the future.Have a nice time ahead.

Anonymous said...

Which market are you referring to in Seattle?

Everything Coastal said...

Hi Nance! This market is in Alameda, just on the other side of the bay from San Francisco. It is fabulous, if you ever get a chance to come down. The Sunday market in Fremont used to be my once a month treat to myself when I still lived in Seattle.

Unknown said...

Let's see if I can find a rustic furniture from the flea market. I love to have one. These pictures are indeed great finds.

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