Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Adventures on Hwy 1 - Part 2 Stinson Beach

I am blaming it on the GPS in Tom's car. So funny, we plugged in "Stinson Beach", in Mill Valley,and then proceeded to drive, and drive, through eucalyptus forests, bright green ferns, babbling brooks, redwood groves, old oak groves and spring blooming wildflowers, up skinny roads on Mount Tam.  Fantastic views above Stinson Beach of shades of turquoise in the Pacific Ocean, and every variance of the color green over the rolling coastal hills in Central California.  It was so crystal clear that we could even see the Farallone Islands  off in the near distance.   Tom was freaking me out a little by looking at the view, and not the road!

We finally made our way down to the ocean via the Fairfax-Bolinas Road.  Tom officially declared this beaut of a highway the most twisty road he's ever driven! (me too)  Always love an adventure - and then we were rewarded with dropping down onto Hwy 1, right at the Bolinas Lagoon.  Gorgeous! Full of egrets, grey herons, and elusive sand pipers. So shallow, that seals were sunning themselves on the sand bars.  (too far away - wrong camera)

Stinson Beach, according to the road sign, has just over 450 people living there.  I suspect a lot of 2nd home owners too.  Cute cute cute beach town! A bookstore, a few restaurants, surf shops, art galleries.. We had a wine and appetizer break at the "Sand Dollar" - fun, busy restaurant decorated like the inside of a steamer ship.  Yum! Fab Zin from the Dry Creek area, the most tender calamari that I have ever eaten and look at this ahi creation!  We will definitely go back here. Maybe you can come with us?

 Take a look at some of the beach houses that I captured on our beach walk! No rhyme or reason - all different, all different colors.

Very nice state park at Stinson Beach with lots of room for picnickers and tons of sandy beach stretching out for kids to create sand castles, sand angels - or simply jump in the waves.  Isn't it funny how kids never get cold?  The sea, sometimes can be a universal language...

I have found sea glass here, but only a few pieces, more often I find pieces of shells rolling in the surf.  Mostly we just walk,  and enjoy the crashing waves and sea birds skittering in the foamy tide.

If you would like to go - here's some handy links!


Erin | Bygone Living said...

Looks/sounds like a beautiful place!

Everything Coastal said...

Thanks Erin - left you a message on your blog too!

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Oh my, what a beautiful place and a delightful sounding day. I am jealous. I live in Colorado Springs and the mountains are majestic but I miss the sound of waves, I grew up two miles from Lake Michigan. Every summer day I was ensconced on the warm sand napping to the sound of waves moving in and out.

Everything Coastal said...

Diane - thank you so much for your comments! Glad you enjoyed the post. I have driven along Lake Michigan and also Lake Huron - beautiful and incredibly gorgeous. Coming from the West Coast, I had no idea of the sand dunes, the crashing waves, nostalgic weather beaten clapboard homes and the shades of aqua in the water. Wow, you must miss it!

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