Monday, September 21, 2009

September Sunrise Beach Walk

6:30 am, beach walk from Harper to Point Southworth. This is my favorite time of day to get a little zen-like and enjoy the last few glimpses of summer.  Impossible to stay in bed while all of this beauty is just here for the taking!  No wind, just gentle lapping of the outgoing tide, somehow the absolute quiet of the morning, except for the seagulls and terns calling out, calms the internal storms and frantic thoughts.

 Yesterday morning in the quiet, sitting on the deck, I drank my coffees and watched a bald eagle making attempt and after attempt to dive into the water and catch some wily fish.  I heard his splash into the glass-like water long before I saw his wing span.  Fascinating!

Walking from my beach (Tom and Gloria's) to Point Southworth is a little more difficult than I remember!  Not in distance, but the balancing act of of walking on rocks covered in barnacles and slippery sea weed is more than a little tricky.  Such an incredible morning, but at the same time have to really pay attention to where I was walking in order to not fall completely down - was more worried about dropping the camera!  Can you see what I mean?  Definitely not a beach glass or sea shell gathering walk.

So quiet, and  was concentrating so diligently on not falling, I almost missed this other beach friend!  He just looked at me, and then at his doe, am sure that they were quietly laughing...only about 10 feet away.  Yes, he's real!

Rounding the point, enjoying the streaking sun across the path of  the incoming 7:55 am ferry to West Seattle, I was reminded of how lucky I have really been to see this all of my life,  and to actually live here in the Puget Sound.  This used to be me in my business suit, getting in line before 7:30 on the ferry dock in order to make the 7:55, and be in Seattle calling on mortgage customers before 9:00 am.  Not a bad commute!  My dad always reminds me that people come from Kansas and Iowa to see this, and we get to actually live here.  Thank you God. Where can you commute looking out at the Olympic Mountains, the Cascade Range with Mount Rainier, and Mount Baker rising up all at the same time?  No where else in the world.


Bill said...

Nice post. Great photos.

Need Plumbing Supplies said...

Beatiful sights. I need to travel more :(

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