Monday, July 20, 2009

Half to Have It!

The funny thing is, after my store closed in April of 2007, I could not bear to go into any type of interior or exterior design stores. Could not even read any of my favorite design publications; no Coastal Living, no Elle Decor, no Cottage Living, no Traditional Home..... My heart was simply broken after we packed everything up, locked the doors for the last time, and gave the keys to our friend Tom. I wouldn't even go in Pier One or T.J. Maxx! How stupid was that??

This dream all began again last year sometime, after a vodka & cranberry cocktail (really, it was only 1 drink!) at the Cliff House in San Francisco. The cocktail lounge has all of my "stuff" on display - vintage bathing beauties, seashells, blown glass sea urchins.... Found myself sobbing into my drink and realizing that I missed my beach/coastal lifestyle store, web store, customers and my life long dream of owning my own business.

This year has shown me that it might be
possible to get it all back.

It all begins with market research, and part of that research is finding other stores that you might like - not to copy their inventory or their idea, but to help better form your own ideas. "Half to Have It" is a fun, unique, happy store that I discovered in Half Moon Bay on a sunny afternoon. Mermaids, King Neptune, nautical home accents, crushed pottery and glass made for a very happy afternoon of exploring and dreaming just a little. Explore the multitude of unique beach decor items that can be found, all while strolling through iron arch ways and stepping on crushed vintage pottery and glass. Can you see the shell mosaic ball perched gingerly next to the iron mermaid in the top picture? This is just one idea of the many mosaic products that this store carries!

How about a fanciful Mermaid to point out the direction of the coastal breeze?

Glass floats are such a great nautical/beach cottage essential. Look at this array of colors - and extremely affordable too! Think of the ways that these could be used in a display for a cool beach dinner party? Surrounded by white pillar candles -

Stay tuned - still working on that dream to reopen a store, might only be on the web for the next year, but will be full of great new ideas for beach lovers.

Thanks again for joining me on this journey, and thank you everyone at "Half to Have It" for sharing your store and letting me share it with other "beachcombers"!

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Bonnie Story said...

Hello Caron! I'm a neighbor of yours I think (do you still live up here?) I live on the Oly side of the Hood Canal Bridge between Ludlow and Quilcene! I was really touched by your talking about the sadness after closing your shop. I have only lived here since late 2007 so I missed it completely. But I think it must have been a great store. I wish you the best of luck rekindling your dream. Storefront shopping is tough right now but online stuff is looking better and better. Let me know if I can help, I've been developing web sites since 1997 and would be happy to give you a pointer if you need one! Hvae a great day and keep cool during the upcoming heat wave! Bonnie

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