Saturday, April 13, 2019

Morro Bay's Otter Love

Don't these little furry sea creatures just make you smile? 

Tom and I hopped in our new Mini Cooper and drove down to the the Central Coast a few weeks ago. Our California coastal spring has been nothing but windy with sideways rain (ick), and we were trying to escape for our anniversary in search of some sunshine. After two days of rain, wind and fog, the sun peeked out on Sunday morning. Yay!

Tom and I grabbed our coffee cups and walked over to the boardwalk that surrounds the harbor in Morro Bay, then we spied these cute sea otters accompanied by their adorable pups playing in the bay. What a show they put on for us! 

Highly recommend Morro Bay for a visit - so much to see and do! Surfing, whale watching tours, fishing, wind surfing, wine tasting, fun boutique shopping, several yummy bakeries and incredible beaches for long walks. I may have come home with a pile of really cool sea glass.. 

Don't get me started on the HUGE California sea lions that cruise the bay - they are magnificent! 

It is absolutely one of our favorite spots on the California Coast! Not a bad spot to spend an anniversary too....


Jean said...

Greetings from Morro Bay,

Drop the w please. I'm usually not so picky, but it grates to see
our lovely town's name misspelled. Plus you'll get more accurate
hits on searches.

Thanks for visiting,

sandi said...

We love Morro Bay and will celebrating our 56th anniversary there next week. We have been going there for over 35 years and just love it. Thank you for such a lovely place to celebrate.

Caron's Beach House said...

Hi Jean - You are so correct! My apologies!! I am not usually a bad speller, thanks for catching me. All fixed now. - Caron

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