Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wrap Up at Sunset - Introducing New Cuddle-Worthy Throws

Nicole (one of our fab employees!) took these amazing beach sunset images to show off how soft and cuddly our new Silky Fleece Beach throws are. But the pictures turned out so incredible of our Moss Beach, California location - we had to share them with all of you.   

Plus we had a little help from Stella! (our newest model!)

Pics all taken at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Park - about 25 minutes south of San Francisco on Hwy 1, and about 15 minutes north of Half Moon Bay.  

A wonderful protected beach location perfect for exploring tide pools full of urchins, starfish, periwinkles, limpets and so many other tiny sea creatures. If you're lucky, you might even get to catch a glimpse of a harbor seal or a sea lion lounging on the flat rock formations. If you are REALLY lucky, you might even get to see the blows from passing humpback or grey whales!

Still can't believe that we actually get to live here...

Stella was definitely a trouper! And I think she has a new favorite super soft throw to wrap up in when her mom makes her take California sunset pics for us.... lol

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