Monday, November 14, 2016

15 Ideas for Thanksgiving at the Beach

It's always a bit of a challenge to bring a coastal feel to your Thanksgiving celebration, especially when all of the retail stores and decorating magazines show a more "traditional" look, but as you all know when you live at the beach some of the "traditional" looks don't really apply.

For instance, where we live in Northern California, we are famous for our pumpkins, (and our dungeness crab!) but there really is no such thing as fall colored leaves, so you have to be a little creative when putting together a look that reflects our coast.  Seashell candle holders, fish net, etc....

Here are 15 ideas that we've been collecting that we think have used some cool inspiration for a beach themed tablescape for a Thanksgiving dinner party.

1. From Coastal Living Magazine: Photo: Jim Franco , Styling: Amber Furst and Linda Hirst

Love the large koi centerpiece and candlesticks combined with gold and beaded place mats from Kim Seybert.  Gorgeous!

2. Why not plan the party outside on the beach?  This would be so fun, would just need to make sure that your table setting was not in danger of blowing away!  Love the little succulent pots for the place settings - everyone could take theirs home as a tiny thank-you gift.

 Cool idea found in Sunset Magazine

3.  Natural colors and textures of the beach... so pretty, and so simple. Love the feathers - could possibly use found feathers from your local coast?

4. Dress up your linen napkins with flora from your neighborhood, and maybe a shell or two! Think rosemary springs, or cypress or maybe even palm fronds?  So easy to be creative with this idea.

5. Blue Willow, is always a great choice for the coast.  So fun to mix and match with other colors and motifs - 

6. Use your seashell dishes - a good reminder that they are not just for summer! 

7. Coastal Blues and  Autumn Yellow are the perfect partners to create a pretty Thanksgiving Table

8.  Just add starfish, and keep it colorful!

9. Make sure to use what's right in your back yard.... and don't forget the candlelight

10. Why just stick with orange pumpkins?  Try a new color - blue

11. Why not Turquoise? So pretty! 

12.  Aqua tints added to traditional "corn" to create a beachy feel.  Mermaid Corn!

13. Combine Orange and Aqua -

14.  Sand, Shells and Orange Candles - absolutely says Fall and Harvest!  Would be super easy to create this look.  Personally, I would use my vintage aqua blue mason jars to give it an extra "beachy" feel.

15.  Love love love Justina Blakeney - Her brunch centerpiece of tropical fruit is not only gorgeous, but your guests could even snack on it!

Would love to know what you think!  How do you decorate for your stretch of the coast?  Would be fun to see some tropical ideas!

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