Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The ReStore Truck Comes to Caron's Beach House

Can I begin to tell you how excited I am that Tom's brother Mark, Director for Willamette West, Habitat for Humanity in Oregon State, suggested that we donate our returned merchandise to the ReStore here in the Bay Area?   Thrilled on so many levels!

So wonderful - they even pick up!

We have been hanging onto thousands of dollars in returned merchandise to our Caron's Beach House online store, and have not been sure exactly what to do with it.  All brand new rugs, pillows, lighting, etc - some of which we don't even carry anymore and most of it in the original packaging.  Now every single home decor piece can go to Habitat to assist in raising money for building homes and communities in our San Francisco Bay Area.
Check out your local Habitat ReStore for cool decorating stuff  for your home, never know what treasure you might find. Plus, you will know that every penny raised from the ReStore in your area will go towards building homes and communities.  A big win for everyone!

Thank you Habitat for Humanity - Greater San Francisco Area - Totally made my week!

Clean warehouse - check
Good Works in our Community - check

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