Friday, April 1, 2016

Beach Bikes

If you are a follower of my Instagram page, you will probably recognize a few of these images.  Tom and I have become beach "bikers. and a whole new world has opened up to us!  It's funny how your neighborhood and beach trail look completely different from the seat of our bikes. 

There's nothing quite like sailing along on my beach cruiser on our Half Moon Bay coastside trail.  It's almost like being eight years old again with a complete sense of fun and freedom. BTW, yes this is me on my bike at Miramar Beach, just down from our house on the trail - after stopping for a glass of wine and Half Moon Bay artichokes at the Miramar Beach Restaurant.

Stopping for "sunshine" break!

We did quite a bit of comparison shopping before we bought our new Townies from our local Bike Shop (they were great!) Bike Works in Half Moon Bay.  (I am a BIG believer in supporting small local businesses)  Tom and I test rode and test "sat"on many different beach "cruiser" style bikes before deciding on ours.  We drove our our poor sales person at Bike Works crazy with all of our questions!

Tom off the coastside trail taking a quick view of Saturday waves! (Poplar Beach) 

There are a lot of features on these kinds of bikes that were important to me, and played a big factor into making the right decision for us. Beach bikes can be an expensive proposition, and since I had not been on a bicycle in 20 (or more!) years it was sort of a big deal. Not to mention that I was a little bit afraid of making a fool of myself, and not being comfortable riding.  

A foggy January morning off our cliff side trail - Kelly Ave/Francis Beach

We decided on these Townies by Electra after our young salesperson, Evan,  told us that these bikes were "like riding your couch".  He was so right!  Big comfy seats, and built with this cool technology that allows you to put your feet flat on the ground when you stop,  and the bike fits right so that you sit straight upright on the seat with an easy reach to the handlebars.  

And let's talk about beachy colors... okay, I admit it, I did kind of go for the "Seahawk" colors, but Townie bikes come in so many coastal shades from aqua or navy blue to coral orange. I do LOVE my lime green matching wire basket and adorable bell!

Shamrocks and fragrant blooming alyssum on our trail

Honestly, with my number 52 birthday just around the corner, buying these bikes was the best decision that I have made in a very long time.  Trying to get healthier while still having fun!

 Now you can find us most Saturday and Sundays whipping around our town; out to breakfast, down to the farmer's market, grabbing oysters in Princeton, or simply riding down to the beach to enjoy sunsets with a glass of wine. (hence, the NEED for the basket - lol!)  

Whale Wine Glasses are my FAVE!

Have to admit, I crashed the my bike the very first day that I rode it, but got right back up and peddled 2 miles home.  Big bruise on my knee, bent my basket, but no scratches on my bike and nothing broken. It was a rather spectacular accident! I hit a metal pole trying to cross the new bridge over Pilaritos Creek, and yes, there were other bikers that witnessed my "not so classy" downfall.

We're off on our bikes for appetizers and a glass of wine at Miramar Beach - have a great weekend everyone! 

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