Thursday, September 10, 2015

Get the Look - Beachcomber Style!

I just hate to think about summer disappearing... but I do love the quiet and calm of Autumn at the beach. The change in seasons is signaled by rich textures found in knit sweaters, the warmer colors of fading leave in the softened sun light. Plenty time to slow down, come inside and sort through my summer beach finds.

This year, we have curated a new collection that we're calling "Beachcomber", and can't wait to introduce you all to our ideas behind the story to create this look.  Neutral, but not really "neutral", this style is created by incorporating rich textures, soft knits, natural fibers like wool and wicker, with the fabulous patterns spun in nature. Think design inspired by water tossed driftwood tones, the soft ivory shades of found sea shells, bits of coral and the myriad shades of grey in beach sand...
(image: Jenny Wolf Interiors)
It all started earlier this summer when I spotted Tim Neve's book "Sand Castles", at Liberty Bay Books while on our annual trip to the Pacific Northwest.  Added it to my stack! (I have a major issue with design books - am a very happy "addict")

And after several long conversations with my "girls" in Poulsbo, I came to the conclusion that we ( needed to present some kind of West Coast style; it's a look that is a little hard to pin down - and one that we've been missing.  So, I put on my thinking cap, grabbed my notebook and started creating some boards on Pinterest to collect my ideas.

Driftwood.. bleached seashells... sea glass (my other addiction) smooth stones and natural bit of beauty from our beaches.

When we got home to Half Moon Bay, I finally had a chance to really take a look at all of the pages of ideas found in Tim Neve's Sand Castles. The gorgeous photography of Johan Palsson instantly takes you away to Tim's Australian coastline, and you are drawn to his travels creating the fabulous styles shown in these Interiors Inspired by the Coast.

His inspirational rooms and vignettes are divided up into five different sections in the book; the first one being "Beachcomber" - which is exactly how we wanted to present our Fall Coastal Style.

P.S.  I have devoured every page of this Interior Design Book!

"Celebrating the natural sunbleached tones and sea-worn textures of salvaged treasures" 
 (Chapter 1 intro "Sand Castles")
Just a tiny bit of my summer collections; I can't resist pebbles worn smooth by our ocean, tumbled sea glass and tiny shells.  We are so lucky to live where our beaches are fully stocked with nature's beauty!

Not too fussy and never pretentious, the Beachcomber style is a home decorating look that feels relaxed and carefree. A little bit Scandinavian, hints of the Nordic with more than a dash of Northern Californian, this is our Autumn 2015 go-to style to welcome our friends and family to the beach!  

Here are just a few of the things we're adding to our new curated collection....

Beachcomber Knit Grey Throw

The Maggie Lamp - reminds us of bleached, wave tossed sea shells

Soft thick, knit throws in beach faded shades of ivory, aqua, navy and driftwood. Just the right "cozy" accessory for watching a storm on the coast!

Anchor Vases
Organically shaped and hand blown sea glass green vases with tiny anchors - fabulous for filling with shells, or fall foliage.  Maybe even a "bouquet" of driftwood?  (More on that idea next week!)

Here are a few more places to check out our ideas for our new curated look for fall:
1. Pinterest Board - Get the Look Beachcomber Style

Embracing Fall this September  - join us!

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