Thursday, July 30, 2015

Love Notes from Coastal Customers

Whew!  Checking in from Portland, Oregon...

We are on the road again this week to visit our friends and family in the Northwest - spent over 12 hours in the car today driving up from Half Moon Bay to our first stop in Portland.  Feels like we are still driving 75 mph, even though we are sitting at Tom's mother's dining room table!  Crazy day of travel, broken computers, no wifi and temperatures soaring over 100 degrees.  (way too hot for the NW!)  Cannot even begin to share my frustration of not being able to connect with customers or even answer my cell phone, as the reception up and down the mountain passes through Shasta and then through Siskiyous is spotty at best....

Then I sat down to answer customer service e-mails and place orders from today, and this message popped up on one of the orders received today -

"I am so excited to find your beautiful art. Ordering this for my first Granddaughter. Belle is a significant name in our family!"

Celebrating Belle

Needless to say, my day got a whole lot better.

P.S.  If you are a mermaid fan - you might want to check out more of our Mermaids from Spicher Art!   Here's just a few.....

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