Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tied Up! More Nautical Rope Decorating Ideas

Inspired by the nautical decor showcased in the "Give Me Some Rope" article, featured in the 2015 Seaside Style magazine,  I thought I would update you all on some of our latest rope and knot maritime decorating trends discovered for this year.

Jacqueline deMontravel, the author of the article had some wonderful maritime ideas profiled, including a fun pillow and rug from our store. (so cool!) A classic design motif throughout time, rope and knot themed home decor, for us, symbolizes enjoying a shore home and living beside the sea. Not only for tying up the boat, rope decor knots your your beach house style together.

Can't go wrong with adding even just a hint of this seaworthy trend!

Our new Coastal Retreat Pillows are now in stock - LOVE the ropes!  

Timeless navy blue maritime decorating with a "rope" twist! One of our favorite finds this year - 

Rope Mirrors in new sizes and shapes!  We love this Nautical Rally Mirror, there is also a square and a triangle version to match.
A simple take on a porthole, this round wood mirror with its' rope handle is a nautical decorating essential. A little bit rustic, but totally coastal cool! 

Enchanting new Lanterns with rope handles!  Perfect for indoor or outdoor illumination - large enough to make a beautiful statement in a coastal home. (we have several styles - come see!)

Our Yellow Striped Anchor Pillow - Featured in Seaside Style Magazine!  

Check out the Blue Crab and Rope pillow also. The embroidered and appliqued details on these pillows in absolutely incredible.  Bonus - they can be used outside too! 

P.S. Coming soon - a NEW Red Striped version of the Anchor Pillow

Tie one on with this delightful Sailor's Knot Area Rug! Also featured in Seaside Style

And for just a little touch of knots and rope, these nautical Masthead napkin holders make wonderful gifts.  Plus the "rope" weight keeps your napkins ship-shape!

One more lamp to show you - The Master Higgins Rope Lamp! Created of natural rope "tied up" into knotted spheres and capped off with a natural beachy linen shade.  

Don't get me started!  Decorating with nautical rope designs is just one of my very favorite trends - 

Seriously though, if you haven't grabbed the latest copy of  Seaside Style, make sure to pick a copy up the next time you are by your local magazine rack. This spring 2015 issue is packed full of enchanting beach and shore living ideas. I am still devouring my copy!

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