Monday, September 22, 2014

The Perfect Corner for Watching Waves...

Good Morning!  Loved this little romantic corner spot created by Lisa McDennon Design from Laguna Beach, California.   How can you go wrong? View, view, and more view!

I really like the idea of adding ceramic stools to a room. They are great space savers and super versatile accents for side tables.  Pretty, plus very practical.  The white is very serene, but adding color or natural textures might work too!

Here are a few more ideas to inspire creating your own hideaway space; a place to dream, read, enjoy a cup of tea or simply stare out to sea...

Add a soft throw -

And of course a pretty (faux) coral piece to accent!

Don't forget a good set of binoculars too!

Now to find a great book to get lost in.... Too bad that will have to wait until next weekend.

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