Friday, January 17, 2014

A Collection of Beach Cottage Bedroom Inspiration

Maybe a beach cottage look for my bedroom would work best? Now this is a look that I can probably pull off in my house! For me, a beach cottage look means layers of softness, and surrounding myself with my favorite things: books, found beach art, collections of shells and sea glass.

Before I closed the store in Poulsbo, I did bring home one special thing for myself... my white iron shabby-chic bed. I have no shortage of bright colors, piles of pillows (one of my favorite things at Caron's Beach House)  and I have willingly admitted many times to my "crush" on linens and throw blankets.  Tom makes fun of me because I like so many layers and pillows!  (secretly I think he likes it)

 Pretty room featured on HGTV's website!   Love the art, natural woven baskets for beach-like storage,and the natural burlap shades on the Regina Andrew lamps.  P.S. You can find those fun Oval Recycled Lamps on our site! 

 Not sure if this would work in my house - I don't have a shred of tropical decor.  I do live in California though, so maybe I could pull it off?  Love the driftwood shade of wicker mixed with light blues.  Great use of  a series of shell prints featured above the headboard.  (Design Crush: Phoebe Howard)

See - patterns don't have to match, as long as the colors mix well. Blues and greens mix extremely well!  Author, Mary Kay Andrews' home on Tybee Island, Georgia (source:

 Cozy with layers of quilts and throws!  Can't you feel the slight breeze blowing in?

Elegant mirrored accented art and side tables combine with subtle blues and breezy white in this Meg Braff Palm Beach bedroom makeover featured in House Beautiful to create a luxurious retreat!

Pretty bedroom featured in Coastal Living! Fred and Tiffany McWhorter's adorable home on Bald Head Island, North Carolina. 

Small, inviting room featured in Coastal Living.  Love the wicker, but I think it needs a few more "beach-like" elements.  What do you think?

Nothing but white.... so pretty! So not practical for me - I spill coffee. Frequently.....

 If only we had this view....  photo by Brian Vanden Brink

 A seaside bedroom full of beach romance... Now to figure out how to hang a tiny chandelier in my room? 
(source unknown)
 A hint of "Radiant Orchid"? I like it! Great color combo with the sea green glass vase....

 What can I say? Another beautiful room captured by Brian Vanden Brink's lens...  Love the buttercup yellow and blues...

 Cute idea for the top of the headboard!  (source unknown)
Love the colors mix of aqua, blues and greens in the room! From House of Turquoise - Erin's tour of the HGTV 2013 Dream home.  

Let's not forget Jane Coslick for Beach Cottage Inspiration!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Awesome!! These beach house bedroom inspirations are truly nice. I think for perfect bedroom matching I'll check out each beds more closer. Thanks for handy contribution.

Olivia Brooks-Scrivanich said...

Absolutely love it! You've given me some beautiful ideas for decorating our guest house and bedrooms in the main house! Many thanks.

Wendy Dewar Hughes said...

Such lovely decorating ideas. I see several that I can borrow for my home.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love the coastal bedspread in the Tiffany's home? Do you know where I can purchase it? Your help wold be so appreciated! - Kristin Daher

Caron's Beach House said...

Hi Kristen - I have a few ideas! If you want to shoot us your e-mail address, I can send you a few suggestions. is probably the best e-mail address. Thanks!

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