Thursday, November 21, 2013

Coastal Decorating Inspiration at the Alameda Flea Market

It has been nearly a year since I have been able to go to the Alameda market.  I have missed my once a month Sunday forays into the search for vintage nautical, beach treasures! Haven't mentioned this, (don't want to look like a big baby or complainer!)  but for over a year I have actually been recovering from a horrendous case of plantar facetious and haven't been able to walk very far, or for a very long time.  Frankly, it has really put a BIG cramp in our style, and shortened our beach walking adventures.

Then in August, after we went to the Atlanta market, (3 days of walking non-stop) I seemed to have miraculously recovered and haven't had the uber-painful issues that I faced for nearly a year before.  YAY and Double Yay!!

I was so excited to go to Alameda, that I even bought myself new pair of bright pink, neon orange, and lime green running shoes! Now to just convince Tom to go...the promise of  fresh donuts at the market seemed to have worked.

Here's just a taste of what we discovered at the market! (well, besides the donuts...)

Was very tempted.. but I can't draw worth a darn! (hmmm.. maybe these would have helped?) 

 Antique bottles galore - in all kinds of colors!

 Even more to choose from!

 Tom said no....

 If only I could figure out a good way to ship these!   

Need.  By the time we got to this booth, they were all sold - dang it!

 Probably should have bought a few of these - they are about 8-10 inches in diameter.  
Really cool, and absolutely authentic!

Loved this headboard!

Lots of fun painted furniture and coastal accents!

Fragile, stunningly beautiful vintage coral pieces (really hope that they were truly vintage - can't bring myself to buy any of these)

So many beautiful vintage glasses - I only took a few pictures, but there were oodles to choose from.  One of my weaknesses is collecting vintage cocktail glassware....

And finally, have to show one vendors very unique way to display her vintage dinnerware and tabletop pieces. Love the way she put the whole table together with fresh veggies, white pumpkins and bright colored fruit. Pretty darn creative ideas!

My find of the day!  I started collecting US Navy dinnerware pieces several years ago...and like a dummy, sold most of them when I moved to California and when I closed my store in 2007.  Now that my son is joining the Navy, I thought I could start collecting again. (it's a good excuse!)

 Starting with these four little espresso cups...


a quiet life said...

tablescaping at the flea market is a hoot! ok, i am not a shopper, BUT i am dying to know the cost of the floats? oh you have sparked an unnatural desire to go to alameda :-(

Seawashed said...

Oh i love your find. Last year i was suffering health problems too and that is why i barely blogged and only kept my etsy open because i coukd not figure out how to close jt. Lol glad to hear that you are going better. I am too and it feels wonderful, doesn't it?!

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