Monday, October 7, 2013

Autumn at the Beach - Tablescape ideas #1

This week we have friends visiting from the Pacific Northwest - perfect time to create a fun dining room fall beach themed tablescape to entertain our friends.  Putting a few ideas together throughout this month.  At the end of the October, we will reveal our actual table!

Stay tuned as we also introduce some of our new dinnerware....

Table Idea #1  Sea-Washed Natural Beach Table

(image source unknown - so sorry!)
Beautifully elegant with easy elements from your local beach and grocery store!  Keep it neutral, clean and "sea washed" for something really spectacular.  Using a natural linen backdrop with white linen napkins; add driftwood, white shells or coral, white pumpkins and natural rattan or wicker candle lanterns and you've created a beautiful relaxing sand and shore table.

Love it.

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Unknown said...

I truly love this!! :) The neutral tones with a little splash of coral. Now I realise even autumn - my favorite time of year can be incorporated into the beach theme. Stylish yet seaside simplicity at its best!!! :)

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