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Introducing In2Green! Luxury Eco Throws for the Coast

A Favorite Eco Luxury Home
Furnishings Manufacturer - 
Perfect for the Beach!
Meet the team of talented 
designers and creators behind
In2Green!  We sent Lori and Stef 
a list of questions to show how
In2Green was created and 
why we at Caron's Beach House 
love their coastal home products. 
Not only are their throws beautiful,
soft, cozy and uniquely coastal 
designed, but they also follow
our mantra of trying to find home 
decor items created with a slant 
towards sustainability made in America.

1.  How were you inspired to create your company, In2green?  
We were inspired to create beautiful products that were modern in design, sustainable and made in the US.

      2.  How did you start In2green?  
       I (Lori Slater) had a striving design business and then partnered with my friend, Stefanie Zeldin Sigal who has a background in sustainability. We realized that there was a gap in the market for sustainable home furnishings, so a new idea was born!

Our thread literally begins with a single thread - two friends with textile, design, and retail background wanting to make something beautiful and high quality out of recycled materials.
Today, In2green continues to prove that up-cycling is indeed possible in the USA. True to our roots, In2green is made up of a talented team of extremely dedicated women who bring the best ideas to the studio every day. 

The craftsmanship of our products is in great part due to the dedication of several remarkable graphic artists, hustling sales reps, and USA based family-run textile mills.  We could not have come this far with out them!

     3.  Why “eco-green”?
Why not? Why would any manufacturer today not try their absolute best to bring products to the market place that are sustainable in material and in the production process.

The Future of Up-Cycling: in2green is charting a new course for modern home and knit accessories. Thanks to a team of local creative designers, in2green has become a brand leader, creating modern sustainable products and luxury textiles. Highly committed in both style and mission, in2green products minimize environmental impact, promote green jobs and spur "American-made" manufacturing opportunities.
4.  What do you feel is your biggest influence on 
your own design ideas?  
I want to sell products that are modern and products 
that I would want to have in my own home.

5.   Do you have a design or artist's mentor, someone that has inspired you to push your boundaries?  If you do, who is/was it and why?  
We work with several local designers to collaborate 
on our designs.

6.   What do you think is your true "uniqueness" with your products?  What sets you apart from other home decor companies?  
All of our products are manufactured with a blend of recycled cotton yarns and knit in the USA. Our designs are unique and modern.

7.  What is "recycled" cotton?
      Commonly referred to as "post industrial" or "pre-consumer" material, cotton fabrics for example can be salvaged from weaving operations, t-shirt and underwear factories, or even from excess unsold items. These are new materials (already dyed and washed), in perfect form to be re-fiberized or mechanically shredded and recycled back into new fibers and yarns.

Imagine you are the fabric surrounding a 100% blue cotton t-shirt.  Ideally, you will not be  carted to a dumpster, but instead carefully scooped up and sorted by color - eventually spun back into a usable blue yarn. The great advantage is that no new cotton had to be processed, irrigated or even dyed - an enormous saving to the planet. 

      8.   Does your company participate in any fun green activities in your community?  We have participated in the green festival in NYC & DC.

   9.  Describe your perfect day at the beach…. (surfing, beachcombing, reading, etc.)  My perfect day at the beach is sitting under an umbrella at 3:00, with a slight wind blowing and a great novel in hand.  My family beside me.

     (Check out Jill, their marketing director at the beach with one of their beautiful throws!)

     10. What would you like to try next? 

From the In2Green Blog:

If you live near a lake or the ocean, chances are that you have often seen trails of garbage, left by humans, enjoying the beach.  Imagine a world where all waste could be turned into beautiful textiles that would enhance your home. 

In2green eco knit throws capture this spirit. Crafted from a blend of recycled cotton, these throws are made from the cutting scraps of t-shirts that have been refiberized and up-cycled into new luxury yarns. Designed with modern, playful seaside graphics, these throws and pillows will not only spruce up your d├ęcor, but will also keep you cozy and warm on those chilly nights at your lake or summer home.

We totally agree!

All of these throws can be found online at Caron's Beach House


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Those are gorgeous. I'm going to need to get me one.... or 2.... or maybe 3?

Gberger said...

Those are so beautiful, and I learned something from that interview - thank you! What a great business model.

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