Monday, June 17, 2013

There are Shells in Texas!

Or so I've been told by one of my favorite new customers!

A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail asking if we still carried a particular lamp because it could not be found on our website.  As it turns out, I actually have this lamp in my living room - but it has been out of stock for a number of months.

After checking with our manufacturer, we put it back on our website within a few hours, and let the customer know that it was now available if he'd like to order.

This is the absolute BEST part about being a small business owner!  It is so exciting and incredibly gratifying when customers' actually take the time to send photos of their new home accessory because they are enjoying it so much.  We love seeing how our coastal home decor looks placed in someone's "real" beach house!   Makes up for a lot of long hours of hard work. (not too mention the caffeine overload!)

This past Saturday morning, Kip started sending me these images.  How fun to see where they've placed their new display lamp among their family photos in their gorgeous living room.  I am crazy about the bright colors mixed with a modern beach motif that they've chosen for their Texas coastal retreat!  (Hmmm... might have to start thinking about adding "chevron" stripe rugs to our collection...)

Step one - the clear glass lamp with no shells. 

And then they went for a walk on their Texas beach...  Just take a look at these beautiful, naturally colorful shells!  Wow, I am so envious of their collection.

Yep, perfect accessory to their family beach hideaway!  They can add and subtract to their ever-changing shell collection; bits of sea glass, driftwood - or even create a beachscape for the holidays.

"Caron, Thank you for making your lamp available.  
We really like it. Happy!"

I do love my job. I'd like to think that we are in the "Happiness" business.

P.S. The Glass Display lamp can be found in our Coastal Lighting Collection - Display Glass Cylinder Lamp

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Completely Coastal said...

It's the ultimate lamp for the beachcomber. Love it. Great living room!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal

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