Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sea Urchin Fascination

Growing up on a rocky, barnacle covered beach in Kitsap County, we could find tons of shells; dark blue mussels, salt-water tumbled oyster shells, all kinds of golden snail shells and white clam shells....  but finding a sea urchin shell was very unusual.  In all the years of beach combing around Puget Sound,  I have only found one pretty green sea urchin and it wasn't even on our beach!

And then I moved to Northern California....

Now,  I can't seem to leave any on the beach!  This is just a tiny glimpse of my growing collection; love their green and deep purple shades and nature's perfect symmetry.  Fascinating.

Tom and I have found a secret shell treasure spot at Half Moon Bay -  shhhhhhhhh.

The beach can be littered with these gorgeous delicate sea shells after a storm, but you have to hurry and grab them before anyone else scoops them up!
Last week, we got lucky and had a very low tide - perfect for exploring tide pools in search of these purple spiny little gems.

Scrambling over the rocks while enjoying pelicans, sand pipers and a beautiful great white egret, we found whole colonies of sea urchins burrowed into crevices and every tiny hidden hole imaginable. (I took this shot while "sort of" hanging upside down!)

For me, decorating your home with coastal elements means adding natural reminders of wonderful time spent with friends and families at the shore.  That is why I am constantly inspired by what we see and experience in our natural world; the colors, shapes and sounds of a favorite beach, or the creatures and shells we may find while we while we are strolling through the sand and waves.

Enjoy some of my sea urchin beach house decorating finds!
Aruba Aqua Sea Urchin Lamp (love!)

Teal Pescadero Area Rug

Sea Urchin Shadowbox Art

See what I mean?  I just can't get enough of these amazing shells!

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Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I am obsessed with sea urchins as well!!! I live in NC, where you never really find them washed up, but last year I actually caught one while fishing! It was crazy. None of the guys knew what it was and I was screaming bc I did. So envious of your collection!!

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