Friday, April 5, 2013

6 Ideas for Book Decorating at Your Beach House

1. Use a clear glass vase or even a vintage mason jar full of collected seashells for bookends - easy to do!  Makes your bookshelf instantly beachy, and so easy to change with the seasons and as you collect new beach treasures.  Think sea glass, shells, driftwood.... 

2. Use books to create an interesting impromptu side table! Would be such a great idea to use different books to reflect a season, or a favorite artist or coastal theme.  I might add a fabulous tray on the top of my stack of books though, as I have been know to spill sometimes...

3. Make an impact by grouping books in coastal colors together. Or grouping themes together - like a group of classics in the same color shade.  Especially interesting if they are well-loved! 

4. Keep your coastal bookshelf interesting with space for artwork, vintage objects and real shells.  Specimen shells are very cool, but honestly I am not a big fan of real coral, unless it is truly vintage.  There are so many option out there for really good faux coral...  Don't worry so much about matchy-matchy decor, just show off what you love, and what makes you happy!

5. Create a stack of books to make a design impact, giving your coastal room a completed elegant look.  Mix with coral, shells or other found seaside objects.  Get creative, but don't overdo it!

6. And my favorite idea of all - an entire wall of bookshelves to show off your 
summer reads, favorite art and collected treasures.  
Painting the inside of the shelf really gives it an extra pop!  
So easy to change; paint the inside a different color, change the accessories, stack the books a different direction, change out the family photos or even add seasonal accessories. Possibilities are endless to create something that  is truly an unique reflection of your home, and coastal lifestyle!

All of these ideas and more can be found on my Pinterest Board "Book.Dreaming". Stop by and see what else might inspire you to look at your collection of books just a little bit differently! If you are curious about where I look for inspiration, take a look at my Decorating Book Page at Liberty Bay Books for all of my favorites.  Caron's Book Reads 

My bookshelf is overflowing with sea glass books and these new favorites! 

Books are just essential to me... do you have any to recommend? Happy Weekend!

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Barb said...

Thanks for the great ideas! We have tons of sea glass thanks to Point No Point.

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