Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nautical Style from Brooks Brothers

So sorry about neglecting the blog the past few weeks!  I have been working with my son to get our new website launched, and have been chained to my computer for the past few weeks. Traveling between my office in San Francisco and my parents "office"  (can you say dining room table?) in the Pacific Northwest, this has been an overwhelming undertaking!  Every time I think we are close to being ready, we run into another glitch....

My coffee drinking habit is becoming sort of a problem, chocolate and peanut butter toast have become my food items of choice.... Let's not even start talking about my wine drinking issues!
(my favorite coffee cup courtesy of my adorable daughter Allison!)

Lucky for me, my friends James and Tim came to rescue me for one day to play in the city. James applied for, and received his dual-citizenship from Great Britain, and I was the designated tour guide in downtown San Francisco last week while we attended his "affirmation-oath" ceremony at the British Consulate.  Picked them up in the Mini-Cooper (she was soooo happy to have a spin downtown!) and we were off for breakfast in Union Square at a darling French cafe, Cafe' de la Presse,  and then a little shopping expedition.

Just have to show you what we found at the Brooks Brothers store on Post Street just off of Union Square.  Total nautical-preppy style!  

Loved it!

(PS you can find the cute sailers on our site - Forza Sailing Fleet)

It was so worth it to have a day away from the computer!

Best of all, I got to spend a wonderful day with James and Tim, celebrating James' new dual-citizenship ceremony.  I can't wait to see their next adventure in Scotland!

We finished off the day at the Cliff House with glamorous cocktails, gossip about our hometown, and a gorgeous sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Life is good.

P.S.  James has been my friend since 1996, and owns a fabulous salon in my hometown of Port Orchard, WA. Highly recommend it!  Sugar Daddy's Salon 

Now back to website editing....


prince snow farm said...

Good luck with the site Caron! Glad you were able to get away for a bit!

Arabella said...

What a delightful little adventure you had! Looks like so much fun...I'm sure you needed it with all that website stuff you've been working on.


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