Monday, October 15, 2012

A Bit of Autumn on my Beach House Mantel

Well, it's not really my fireplace mantel,  it's my friend Marie of Sally Lee by the Sea's beach house mantel!  I have to admit I am a little bit jealous, as I do not currently have a fireplace mantel to decorate.... 

 Gone are the days where I take down every home accent in my house to replace it with something different for each season and/or holiday.  Most other blog authors may disagree with me on this – sorry to disappoint…
Am I getting lazier in my old age?  Possibly.  Do I just not care anymore? Possibly.  Have I learned that it’s more important to not stress over decorating my house? Yes!
I’d rather spend the glorious Autumn weather that we’ve been having by working in my yard or taking walks on the beach searching for driftwood and shells.  Decorating should be fun, stress-free and not just done to “do it” because every magazine and blog tells you that you should….nope.  Do whatever makes you happy.
How did I decide to decorate my shabby chic mantel? I added my favorite Beach Pumpkin onto my mantel with a few leaves.  A faux gourd was tucked into my “beach basket” (meaning it is filled with odds and ends discovered on various beach walks).  A favorite metal-based hurricane, which was a gift from a dear cousin, is filled with shells.
Beach House Mantel for Autumn
Beach House Mantel Pumpkin for Autumn
My Beach Treasure Basket it getting a little full…maybe it’s time for a bigger basket?  I have everything from Eagle feathers to driftwood, shells and a plastic sand shovel in it!
Beach House Mantel - Beach Treasure Basket
I used some leftover moss, gourds and burlap to throw this together…I’m still working on it (so don’t judge, lol!).
Autumn Decorating in the Beach House
Autumn Decorating in the Beach House
A little bit of Autumn here and there plus my beloved beach home decorating books, nautical chartsand sailboat…works for me!
Autumn Decorating in the Beach House
I just wanted to note about using “faux” pumpkins, leaves, gourds etc.  If you want to use real ones, then please do.  These just work better for me at this point in my life.  I can easily store them, re-use each year and don’t have to worry about breakage.
Don’t forget….do whatever makes YOU happy when it comes to decorating.  I’m just here to share my thoughts with you – never to tell you what to do.


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Arabella said...

Thanks for sharing, Caron! Keeping it simple seems to be working for me this year. xoxo

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