Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Life Preserver? 9 Ideas for Coastal Decorating!

When you grow up around boats in the Puget Sound, life preservers don't always translate themselves into a good idea for "nautical" home decor.

Or in this case a fashion shoot! (don't you just love the stripes too?)

You know, a lot of grime, dirt and more than a few barnacles don't really look that appealing.   Now that I am "grown up" (sort of!) I have a new appreciation for how they might look, in all kinds of coastal homes, from a cottage look to more of an upscale room.

I found these pretty multi-colored examples at the Alameda Flea Market!   Kicking myself for not buying them for our online store, just could not figure out a good way to ship them...

Take a look at all of the other ideas that I've found for inspiration.  Enjoy! 

Vintage desk - love the typewriter and globe.  Absolutely need that chair!

Outside seaside porch from my new blog crush - Karnas Hus!  

Sexy Black and White "Miami" life preserver discovered on Pinterest by my friend Lynda Quintero-Davis.  Also another fabulous design blogger - FocalPoint

Cute vintage cottage, complete with vintage elements - love the nautical chart art.

Pretty beach "shack"!  Can't you just imagine a day on the beach?

From Three Potato Four - a very cool vintage shop!

Outdoor Cocktail Bar idea from Pottery Barn

Like this look from Coastal Living with the river rock fireplace and oars.

Discovered at -like the shell chandelier combined with the turquoise "framed" 
life preserver art.  Unique idea! 

Hmm... now where can I incorporate this idea into my house?  Will definitely be on the look-out for the right life preserver!  Thinking maybe an white one with a little bit of blue for my beach cottage bedroom...

I am mad at myself for not grabbing this one - I really like the "Oakland".  Dang it, next time...

(P.S. I also found this life preserver at the Alameda Flea Market, one of my absolute FAVORITE places to go for inspiration!)

Here's a few ideas from our online to store to help inspire you too.

3-Life Ring Pillow

The starfish on the side of the life preserver is a great addition! 
Ship Shape Area Rug - comes in several sizes

Don't forget about fun dinnerware too!
Great for decks, boats and picnic baskets!
Life Preserver Dinnerware



Hey Caron! Thanks for the mention! Loving the Beach living pinboard - Added a few pins last night :) Thanks for the invite to join!

xo Happy Summer Solstice! xo

Beach House Living said...

I like the look of the old authentic ones that spent time at sea but agree ones that are stinky no thanks.

Everything Coastal said...

Beach House Living - cracking me up! Have seen lots of stinky ones in my time!

WWLeaderStephanie said...

My husband and I are boaters. When we got married, we had our guests sign a life preserver, instead of a traditional guestbook! :-)

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

They make such great decorating pieces ...we call them life buoys her in Australia!


Steve PP said...

Great photos, we found one washed up on our beach here in Devon, with light attached to it! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

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