Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Argonaut - Decked out for the Holidays!

This past Saturday night we decided to play tourist in our own town, San Francisco.  (I LOVE living here!)  Hoping to see lighted boats in the harbor, and holiday decorations, we left our car at home and rode the CalTrain into the city, and then navigated all around the Embarcadero and down to Fisherman's Wharf on the historic trolleys.

It was great fun.  Christmas shopping (and people watching!)  on Pier 39, stopping for holiday Irish coffee warm-ups, after having a good laugh at the sea lions fighting for dock space.   Although they are slightly stinky, and a little loud, they are pretty cute! 

Then onto dinner with a view of the bay and decorated boats,  at the world famous Franciscan Crab Restaurant.  It was hard to capture this picture right, but I think you can get the idea. They have the most fantastic etched mermaid mirror behind the cocktail bar!

Yes, those clams were my dinner!  Totally delish.   Oh.... and my wine was pretty good too.

After dinner, we decided to wander down Fisherman's Wharf window shopping and then the Argonaut Hotel.  It's right on the corner of Jefferson at the end of Fisherman's Wharf, by the cable cars and Hyde Pier.  The hotel enjoys a really unique partnership with the San Francisco National Maritime museum, setting aside over 9000 square feet "dedicated to the West Coast maritime history and the story of Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco".  We've been to the museum several times - great history lessons about the Goldrush and the ship wrecks just at the mouth of the San Francisco Bay.  

Kinda went crazy taking pictures in their lobby.  Everything was so beautiful, and so Coastal!

Close up photos of the tree decorations - loads of real starfish, shells, silver accents, elegant ribbon and coral-like decorations.  Absolutely stunning!

And now for a few shots of their fireplace and mantel...

Maybe next year I can talk Tom into staying here for the weekend?  
Maybe if I ask really nice, and promise to be good all year long?


Completely Coastal said...

The Argonaut looks totally amazing. So classy nautical!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Kaybe said...

What a magical city to spend Christmas in. I like the simplicity of the shells & starfish not being all blinged-up. Just beautiful. Have a great day.

beachcomber said...

i love the way the lobby is decorated and that tree is amazing!!

Arabella said...

What a lovely place! It's so much fun to play tourist some times, especially in SF.

Happy holiday hugs,


LOVE the starfish on the tree! It really is "Completely Coastal!" Seasons Greetings Caron and Best Wishes for a healthy, happy and safe NEW year!!

xo Lynda

Desire Empire said...

My Husband was in San Fran earlier this year and loved it. it's fun to play tourist in your own town as it can be very interesting.
Merry Christmas
I am having a wonderful Hoilday giveaway. The prize is a gorgeous Coastasl Style Interiors book. If you have a little time, I'd love it if you would join in.
Carolyn xx

Desire Empire said...

PS Like you on Facebook

Anonymous said...

Love those photos!

Happy, Happy New Year!

Sand and Sea
(aka beachside cottage)

Rose West said...

Happy New Year! Looking forward to reading more of your blog in 2012 :)

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