Friday, October 28, 2011

Beach House Photo Fridays #5 The Window Seat

I had a difficult time trying to decide what beach house photo to feature this week - finally decided that I would pick something from Coastal Living's 2011 Ultimate Beach House in Norfolk, Virginia.  Then to decide which room to show?  Decisions... decisions....

Maybe it's just because I am seeking a little respite from crazy pre-holiday rush,  I was drawn to this window seat view in the Master Bedroom.

Can't you imagine it?  Snuggled in with a pile of fluffy pillows, a cozy warm throw, a pile of your favorite magazines, or better yet - that juicy romantic novel that you just can't wait to start (although you know that once you pick it up, you won't put it down!).  Ah.... the perfect spot to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Not sure how much reading I would get done though, might be a lot of daydreaming while watching seabirds play in the wind and listening to the constant strum of the incoming tide.

I really need a day off.

I would need a bigger side table for my hot chocolate and cookies (hey, it's Sunday - I am allowed!)  Arteriors is one of my favorite home decor accent companies - love their driftwood tables!  When decorating a coastal beach house it's important to mix in natural elements to bridge the gap from the outside to the inside. Beautiful driftwood accents can do that without detracting from what the real attraction is - the VIEW.

Piles of Pillows!

Can't help it, I am still wild about our eco-art pillows - and they have a NEW lower price.  (The crab is a brand new design!)

maybe our new soft, cuddly knit pillows?  Love these with the seabirds on them.....

And now for a cozy throw.... the Camelot collection from Bedford Cottage is still a go-to favorite of mine!  We could not keep these in stock in our store in Poulsbo...
... or maybe one of our new luxury "snuggle-factor" throws?

Now for a classic brass telescope - wow! There are so many to choose from -

From Stanley London

From Brass Binnacle

My favorite place to look for interesting nautical telescopes and binoculars is Cuttysark, located in the heart of Pioneer Square, downtown Seattle.  You never know what you might find there!  (They even have a website -

My book choices? Well, I am still savoring my French Seaside Style, and my new Southern Living Style books.. (kind of romantic?)

Have a great Halloween Weekend everyone!  We have friends coming down from Portland, wine tasting and being San Francisco tourists is on our agenda.

Make sure to enjoy, and take some time out for some essential day dreaming time.  I promise I will too.


a quiet life said...

you have so many darling things, too bad my cottage by the sea is so tiny and done, wish i had found you sooner!

thanks for the pop ups, now we can all visit with you :)

Arabella said...

Your new throws look so warm and cozy - I need a bunch of's cold! :O)

Hope you enjoy your weekend.


Beach House Living said...

Yes, I can imagine and purchased my cream and navy rope throw last night. Snow is expected here tonight so I wish it were here already.

Erin of Salvaged Whimsy said...

I adore the beach - it's my favorite place on earth. Too bad I live in Ohio :). I live vicariously through the beach blogs. I LOVE the drift wood table. Thanks for sharing these beautiful finds!

Rose West said...

I think I could spend some serious time in that window seat. To be so near the sea... and the telescope is just the right touch.

Kate said...

I dream of a nautical window seat, overlooking the water of course!

hong kong property said...

that is really nice! window seat + the view of the sea. lovely!

Hong Kong property

Mary @ Sea Quilts said...

I have already drooled on my own personal issue with this home in it. My all time favorites are those pillows. Absolutely scrumptious.


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