Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We're in Vegas!

We're looking for new coastal home decor products in Las Vegas.   Yesterday we only made it through 4 floors of products in 1 building of 14 floors, 2 more entire buildings to go..... I was more than a little overwhelmed when we first checked in at the registration desk yesterday!  Today should be easier,  we have a little bit better idea of where everything is, including the FREE breakfast, lunch and cocktail hour appetizers (free food and wine is always good!)  

We've been posting the pics on our Facebook page if you'd like to follow our journey!  Here's a link:
  sorry this one is a little blurry! Lazy Susan showroom -lots of coastal/beach colors and inspiration


We're off and running for the day!  We will post pics on our Facebook page throughout the day.

**As a Thank You to everyone who entered our Wabisabi Pillow giveaway - we have teamed up with our artist to offer FREE Shipping!  Coupon Code - seafan     Thanks again!!**




Anonymous said...

Hi Caron - hope you're having fun!

beachside cottage

prince snow farm said...

Hope Vegas is a blast! I just posted on the pillow giveaway...the pillow is fabulous and I cannot thank you and Jolee enough!

Beach Coast Style said...

ooh lala I see some neat nautical decor peeking out of the photos! can't wait to see what you get! Don't party too hard in Vegas.

interior design said...

I grow up by the sea. There is no place on earth that I choose to build my dream house than by the sea in the tropics. I love the breeze and everything!

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