Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hot Chocolate Warm-Up at the Ritz!

Having been a little cooped up this past week, we relished our quick jaunt to the coast to check out the shore at Half Moon Bay. I wanted to see if the tsunami waves had washed up anything interesting... I think the most interesting part was that there were NO shells, and NO sea glass.  Usually we scoop up all kinds of flotsam and jetsam, this past Saturday the beach was wiped clean.

The tide was still pretty dangerous and more than a little ferocious. We still thought we might be able to get around one of our favorite points at Half Moon Bay. (where I usually find all kinds of purple sea urchins and periwinkle shells) Yeah....probably shouldn't have tried that, as we got a little bit soaked trying to out-run the sets of waves back to safer ground!

Still so much beauty. Sometimes it's just a matter of actually seeing it.  Look how these prehistoric-looking barnacles and dark blue mussels have clung to a crevice in a basalt beach rock just waiting for the tide to surge in.

Coastal flowers are beginning their annual show of color; dark fuchsia pinks, butter yellows....

Thank goodness the Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay welcomes wet sandy beach combers to their outdoor patio! It's one of our favorite places to relax on a weekend (or weekday escape!) afternoon.   The patio at the Ritz faces the Pacific Ocean looking Northwest - perfect for watching crashing waves, swooping sea birds, and pink sunsets.

Awaiting guests on the patio, big round brick gas fire pits are lit with cozy fires, and surrounded by generous comfortable, Adirondack chairs.  We always meet interesting people gathered around from all parts of the world, simply enjoying the afternoon in the sea air. (The picture is from a previous trip)

The best part?  At 4:30 the Chocolate Bar is open on the patio!  Three choices of hot chocolate can be had - milk, dark or white.  Too many choices!  They even sell entire kits for roasting your very own S'mores over the fire, roasting sticks included. Yummy, ooey-gooey chocolate chunk cookies are always on the menu too.

Their  gourmet hot chocolate can be ordered with, or without your choice of liqueur, and then topped off with whipped cream, crushed coffee beans, white chocolate stir sticks, crushed cookies. Of course my particular favorite is always available- mini marshmallows!  I had a little Baileys and a little Frangelico, Tom opted for Gran Marnier.

Yes, life is good.

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Gberger said...

Loved this posting. You & your sweetie look so happy together! What a gorgeous place to visit and sit, enjoying the view. Thanks for inviting us along.

Completely Coastal said...

I've seen pictures of the Ritz at Half Moon..., and if that wasn't enough..., now knowing about the bar, oh gosh..., I want to move to Northern CA... Love your Pink outfit!!!!

Gordon and Judy said...

Hi, Caron...Hi, Tom... Send some sun our way, PLEASE! If that doesn't work, we'll settle for the hot chocolate -- make mine dark w/ grand marnier!

Unknown said...

Hello,Caron and Tom! I like your article. I really wish to burrow some amount of sun and whole beautiful day into Ny.I just return after Sanibel seashell show in Florida and keep everything in my memory.You have a gorgeous place.

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

OH, for a day like that. We need a repreive from grey New England. I am so surprised you didn't see LOTS of shells.seaglass.stuff along the shore.

Arabella said...

What a sweet post - love your PINK and delightful photos.

Simple Daisy said...

Are you kidding me....a hot chocolate bar!!!! I would be in bliss!!!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful day with us at WUW. I would really like a link added back to the party in your post, please and thanks for following.

Everything Coastal said...

Thanks for the reminder Kim!

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