Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday Drives..

After all of the moving, packing, unpacking, cleaning, and sorting inventory, I desperately needed a break last Sunday. (was approaching a melt-down stage!) Thank goodness Tom doesn't mind heading to the ocean, and walking with me on the beach. He will even hold my hand...

No beach glass to be found, but the sounds and sights of the thundering surf did the trick! There is just something soothing and so incredibly beautiful about driving on Hwy 1, in California. We headed south after turning at Half Moon Bay, simply driving along the winding, curving road, finding it difficult to not want to stop at every state park and vista along the way! So much to see and admire; long stretches of golden sand, the bright pinks and neon yellows of the spring blooming coastal flowers with the extraordinary dark swirling aqua and turquoise shades of the Pacific Ocean.

Tom definitely had to hold my hand, while I took DEEP breaths walking out along the cliffs, with a very strong wind blowing. There was a big sign - "Caution" Unstable Cliffs... guess we missed that! Hope you all enjoy the pictures - so many bright colors!

Pigeon Point has become one of my favorite stops along Hwy 1, there is always something different to see and enjoy. Crumbling, falling down lighthouse, weather beaten buildings and a picket fence...

A rope these colors!

Wild Calla Lillies everywhere!

Look at these wild strawberry plants covering the dunes at Scott's Beach... brings back so many memories of strawberry picking in the dunes at Ocean Shores...

Ice Plants

Love our Sunday drives, and I think Tom does too - because we stop at New Leaf grocery store in Half Moon Bay, and we buy oysters. (not for me!) This time we also brought home a wonderful swordfish steak.

Where are your favorite Sunday afternoon drives?


Erin | Bygone Living said...

What beautiful photographs!

Everything Coastal said...

Thanks Erin - my poor camera get hauled all over the place. It was the second present that I bought myself after I sold my house so that I could start this adventure.

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