Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Beaches

Sorting through some photography that I took earlier this fall, and thought you might enjoy some late fall images from the shore in Pacifica, California.  It was soooo cold on that November day, but still so beautiful.

Truly, I believe that sometimes a winter beach, or a winter coastal storm can have its own wild, untamed beauty.... the gray desolation, heavy pounding seas, sea birds playing in the wind..

I hope that what ever beach you can visit this winter, you have to chance to simply stop and breathe. Please  don't forget to bring 2 bags with you; 1 for beach treasures, and 1 to fill up with discarded harmful plastic!

Walking on the beach for me is always a zen-like experience, and so important to help focus me for the next big thing.  When you are out for your winter beach break, think about  all of the great things that this next year will bring, and let the sea breezes carry off the old from 2009.

Bundle up, let the wind caress your face, take the time to really listen to the crashing waves, then race back to the house for hot chocolate!

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