Thursday, December 10, 2009

Polished Agates from Oregon Coast Beaches

Last month, I was invited to spend the weekend with my friends Patti and Micheal Frazier at their Beverly Beach home on the Oregon Coast. What a view! Non-stop crashing Pacific Ocean waves on Otter Rock, pelicans diving in and out of the surf, even an occasional grey whale cruising by. If I lived here, you would be very hard pressed to make me ever leave. In fact, I love it there so much that I am going back down to Newport for an entire week after Christmas. Winter storms here we come!

Patti and Michael spend countless hours walking the nearby beaches, bringing home pocketfuls of Oregon Beach rocks, never knowing exactly what beauty really lies underneath the salt water, until they get them home and into the rock polisher. When you walk in their door, one of the first things you notice are the bowls filled to the brim with these indescribable examples of nature's beauties, washed up on the shore. (that is AFTER you've stood at their front windows for quite awhile!)

Introducing their new exciting adventure! The Frazier's have taken their love of the simple beauty of these agates and are now creating one-of-a-kind wine stoppers - beautiful and the perfect gift. I don't think you could go wrong purchasing one of these for a beach loving friend. (or for your fave wine friends!)

I highly recommend their new website, not only for purchasing these unique reminders of the Oregon Coast, but also for reading their story of how they are created.

Patti and Michael are wonderful friends that are
continually discovering ways to enjoy their incredible life and story on the Oregon Coast. I especially love the new name for their budding company, "Fairy Tale Enterprises"! Here they are in a Nye Beach Cafe sipping a yummy rich mocha.

Fairy Tale Enterprises Make sure that you let Patti know that I sent you!

(Love you guys - see you in a few weeks!)

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prall said...

Hi Caron! We didn't know that you had posted this blog about us. You are so wonderful! Can't wait to see you today. You'll have many more polished rocks to play with, driftwood signs to see, fancy wine charms and our blown over fence from one of our latest coastal storms. We're not real happy about that! The recent storms have uncovered ancient tree stumps and enormous fossil beds, plus, best of all, lots more agates and jasper. Hope we get a chance to go "beachin" with you while you're here. Happy New Year! Patti Frazier

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