Wednesday, August 26, 2009

End of Summer Beach Treasures

Somehow, I find myself with bowls of shells, stashes of beach junk and pocketfuls of sea glass at the end of every summer (not to mention every beach walk!) Now what to, do to display all of my treasured finds?

A few years ago, while in LaConner, Washington,  I spotted some unique outdoor planters using simple white clam shells, mortared on large red-clay pots with gray sand mixed into the grout.(sorry - did not grab a pic!)   Gorgeous and creative way to display our Northwest Butter Clam Shells!

Our friends at Liberty Bay books have a few on display in their store too -

So, I thought that there must be a way to show off my shells with my collection of seaglass and broken pottery....

So easy to do, and could be a fun project with your kids!

What you will need:
  • Newspapers (for making a mess!)
  • Terracotta Clay Planter
  • Paint - Acrylic used for outside projects would be the best
  • collection of your beach "junk" aka "treasures"
  • sanded grout. Be creative - can be colored!
  • clear spray paint to protect your art
Start by painting the edges of the pot that will not be covered by shells, let dry thoroughly before beginning to apply the grout. Start spreading your grout in one spot on your
planter, carefully pressing and arranging your treasures into the grout. Keep rotating the pot until it is completely covered and you are happy with your creation!

Let dry, and spray carefully with clear coating. Voila' -- you are now a shell artist!

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