Friday, December 1, 2017

Company Coming to the Beach?

Is your guestroom ready for holiday guests?  Life at the beach for fall and winter holidays can bring its' own unique set of challenges (wind, rain, no power... etc) for visitors, especially if you are not prepared.

Our list of 11 Must-Haves for your beach home guest room to make your friends and family feel right at home: 

1. Comfy Cozy Bedding with a Beach Bedroom style
Consider a new fresh look, complete with decorative pillows - in fall and winter colors to compliment the season (crazy about this new Katalina Bedding!)

 - Or one of my favorite ideas is to simply change out the insert for a duvet cover; fluffy warm down inserts for fall, and then lighten up for spring and summer with a cool poly insert.  Our Duvet Sets

 - Or add an extra layer with a solid color quilted coverlet. Brings warmth, texture and gives your bedroom a polished luxury look too.  (Solid Color Coverlets at Caron's Beach House)

2. A throw blanket is a MUST.  Perfect for an extra layer on the guest bed, or just to wrap up in while enjoying time in your home. 

Tucker Cable Knit Throws

We love these fabulous cozy, extra large throws from Chappy Wraps!

3.   Add an accent chair! Your guests will appreciate the extra spot to sit, plus they will have a spot to take their shoes off and relax. Pull something from another room - or could even be an extra chair from your dining room. 

4. Nightstands - get creative! Use small accent tables, outdoor tables, or even or large baskets turned upside down with a tray on top.

5. A decorative, but functional tray. A tray is a great way to keep small things gathered together for your guest.  Could use as a bed tray, nightstand accessory or any other creative uses.  So welcoming with special items for your guests; a local newspaper, special soaps - maybe a candy cane or two..

Santa Cruz Round Mother of Pearl Trays (ps I have the rectangle version of these trays, and I use them every single day!)

6. Lighting & More Lighting - nothing worse than having insufficient lighting in a guest room, especially in the dark of fall and winter!

These Maritime Rope Net Clear Lamps are really great - decorate them for the holidays with ornaments and glittery trinkets.

Here are a few other options that are affordable and fun!

7. Stack of books. Or magazines from your local area - will be fun when you venture out to explore!

8. Water Glass and Decanter

9. Power Strip for Electronics - a definite MUST

10. A Mirror for dressing up

Can't miss with a beach-cottage style round mirror.  Looks perfectly beachy!

Or layers of mother of pearl shells....modern and contemporary, but still coastal

11.  Relaxing Wall Art for sweet dreams!

Have fun planning out your updated guestroom for this holiday season and beyond! 

Oh - one more thing; A cozy rug beside the bed is always a good idea too - especially when it gets so darn cold at the beach!  We are really liking our new plush Shag rugs -   Shag Rugs

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