Monday, May 9, 2016

Beach Picnic Season

It's that time of year again!  Pack up your picnic basket and head to the beach for fun in the sun 


The Picnic - an adorable little book written by the girls of the Portland Picnic Society. Packed full of fun recipes, picnicking tips and advice about throwing together a fabulous picnic party. I bought my copy (impulse birthday present!)  at one of my favorite gardening stores in Morrow Bay, but you can order a copy also from our friends at Liberty Bay Books. 

I love their "advice" Chapter 1; Everything from how to plan the perfect picnic, picking the best picnic blanket and basket essentials to scouting out the best picnic spots!

My picnic "essentials"?  Pretty simple!

1. Wine Opener  - I keep ours always packed in our basket.
2. Beach "Friendly" Glasses. Either stemless wine glasses, or fun acrylic non-breakable glasses
3. Coastal Indoor-Outdoor Dinnerware
4. Cloth Napkins (they don't blow away in the ocean breeze!)
5. Easy Care Beach Blanket - I like our cotton, Casual Throw Blankets for keeping in our basket.  These throws roll, or fold up, small enough to fit in a picnic basket, can be washed and sand shakes out easily. Not great for wet sand - so be careful where you put your blanket down!
6. Outdoor Durable Pillows - need to be comfy!
7. Baskets for carrying blankets and outdoor pillows
8. Picnic Basket large enough for lunch, ice packs and dinnerware.
9. Now to plan a simple menu and you are set for a day at the beach!

Our Beach Picnic pictures were taken on the California Central Coast in a tiny coastal town that we love, Cayucos. Tom and I loaded up our Mini Cooper for my birthday and spent three days walking the beach, watching surfers, spotting whales, looking for sea glass and drinking wine watching sunsets from our picnic blanket. It was perfect - I highly recommend!

My Birthday Picnic Party - Get the look!

(available in Coral Orange too!)

And if you need a little inspiration - I really love this book! 

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