Thursday, May 14, 2015

Picnics on the Shore - 10 Inspirations for Fun!

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and then we will be in the full swing of summer and packing up our picnic basket as we head out most every weekend to explore a new coastal town or beach.  

Here are 10 of my favorite ideas to create a picnic on the shore!

1. Build an impromptu beach tent
What a fun idea from Apartment Therapy!  Cool idea for your kids to create their own little fort - Complete (super easy) list of what you will need to build a quick tent to protect from the sun, sand and wind at the beach, and instructions can be found on their site; Click Here for the how-to's

2, Bring your collection of vintage lanterns to create a welcoming atmosphere. 
An enchanting functional way to add light as the sun sets into the sea. I have a gorgeous red vintage lantern given to me by a good friend, I am putting it in the car for our trip up to wine country for a picnic this weekend! (so sorry - not sure about the image source!)

3. Don't forget to bring the grill!  
We have a pretty royal blue bucket one that we grabbed last summer at World Market, love how it's sort of self-contained with a large bucket space for the coals, and a convenient handle for carrying.  Works wonderfully to sit on a picnic table or in the sand.
(image from the

4. Pack a salad in a jar - pretty and convenient
I have a collection of these glass jars with the rubber seals that fit into our picnic basket, but you could use any jar with a closeable lid.  These three salads were super easy to pre-make and we had them last fall for a picnic dinner before an outdoor production of Shakespeare's play "Taming of the Shrew" at UC Santa Cruz.  Such a fun time! (recipe for these salads later this week - I promise!) 
For lots of ideas for "jar" picnic foods - check out this list of 50 Ideas for things to make.

5. Smore's are always fun! (and sort of essential for beach fires!) And an easy way to make a creative fun dessert for everyone at the picnic
Check out Buzzfeed's list of 39 different versions of smore's to find the perfect combination for your shore picnic. 

6. Pack real dishes and real silverware to add an extra special touch of elegance.
Besides it's more eco-friendly and won't blow around in the wind like paper plates. (sorry, not sure about image source)  I am on the hunt right now for a vintage picnic basket like this one....

7. Pack it all in an adorable crate!  
P.S. Don't forget that juicy novel you've been saving to read at the beach! (image from a lovely blog -

8. Don't forget to bring pillows! 
Love this picture of romance, but truly, I would make sure to bring outdoor friendly (and pretty) beach pillows to be on the safe side of salt and sand.

9. Bring a great beach blanket that can double as a "tablecloth" - large enough to really spread out 
Don't you just love her cute boots too?? (So sorry - not exactly sure of the original photograph source!)

10.  Make it simple, just carry your Champagne and glasses down to the dock for a little sunset romance!

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. A few ideas from Caron's Beach House that would be great for summer picnics!

 New Coral Reef Outdoor Dinnerware - looks like Italian Pottery! 

 Stackable, acrylic wine glasses.  Too fun - available in 3 colors

Coral Trellis Splendor Pillow

 We love these outdoor "Circles and Rings" bolster pillows - available in 2 colors; blue and turquoise

An "Essential" Throw that can easily double as a pretty picnic blanket/tablecloth.  Easy care and lightweight to fit into your basket - 

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